Corona virus 27

Total positives in Umbria 1,051 up (just) 2.7% – deaths 33
Total positives in Italy 101,739 up (just) 4.1% – deaths 11,591

Another amazing drop in the increase. Well done, our team!

Our first death in Umbertide. A 91 year old in a nursing home. The number of cases continue to rise here. And in the next town north of us, Citta di Castello, they have had 10 deaths.

News from Italy
Wow, I’ve been posting 27 days about the Virus.

So our date for our lockdown to (maybe) end was April 3 here. They’ve got it set up they can reassess every 15 days. The big newspapers are saying the official proclamation will come out soon, and it will say they will extend to April 18. And maybe to April 30. 🙁

Part of the reason is the number of people trying to flaunt the law. The police have checkpoints all over Italy. They check your papers to see if it is a legitimate trip. In past couple days they stopped 200,000 people for controls. 5,000 people were found to be out illegally. They get a big fine. They also get tested. Of that 5,000 — 50 tested positive for COVID-19. FIFTY. Because of them we will get extended probably. Thanks so much you assholes!😡

Other part of this news is that when it finally ends. It will be a staged ending. Piano, piano as they say here. Restrictions will slowly diminish. The last things to reopen will be the Bars and Restaurants.

Dinner was my cooking tonight. Chipotle pork with mashed potatoes and salad. It was very yum.


Today is blustery, gray and cold. We had a front come through yesterday. I plan a trip to the farmacia in a few minutes. Otherwise it will be a quiet day.

Stay safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “Corona virus 27

  1. Allisa Imming

    Hey Nancy. Allisa here. It’s morning in Washington (state). I just finished reading 27. Wow! 50 positive!! That is amazingly scary as well as amazing AND scary. But really, what better message to get out: A fine AND test results. If the publication of those positive test results doesn’t grab people by the cajones, I don’t know what will!
    I do read your posts every day that you send. Just wanted you to know that I don’t usually comment because I’m usually reading from my cell phone and I hate typing with thumbs. This morning, I brought out my laptop for my morning read.
    We are staying safe out here on the Olympic Peninsula. We only shop for absolute necessities; masks on always. It’s sad that the Mountain People (our nickname for the locals) of the Peninsula are so shortsighted—they think they are safe because we are remote. Many people out here have complete faith in 45 as well. We have 5 positive cases and no deaths so far. Who knows, maybe our remoteness will help. I just wish people would wear masks. Goodness knows we’ve got loads of local seamstresses staying quite busy at their sewing machines.
    Your chipotle pork looks amazeballs!

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