Corona virus 5

The weekend was good. We went grocery shopping on Saturday, I prepared a Pranzo messicano for our Italian friends and we enjoyed ourselves.

Generally we are staying in our casa in the sky, looking out on the world. But as I’ve said before, we are a real backwater area. Umbria is not on the beaten path to start with, and we are very far north in the region, so not on any transportation routes. Things are pretty much as usual here. We’ve got a couple of upcoming meals out with friends this week. I feel we should be careful but not crazy about it. We will go to our market on Wednesday. I will buy food. I will wash it…and my hands, and try not to touch my face. Only time will tell now this will all shake out in the end.
Horrible news out of Lombardia is that news of the shut down of the area was leaked to the public the night before it went into effect (Saturday). You should have seen the people getting out of town in the night. Half were in their PJs. And all trying to catch the last trains south…where they will spread it to areas that do not have good health care to begin with. Someone said, along the Tuscan coast, the towns look like it’s summertime with crowds of people. Because all the Milanese who fled Milan came and opened up their summer homes. Now, if they’d be responsible and self quarantine…but they are NOT doing that.
So that’s the Corona virus news for today.. be safe, be well, wash your hands!

2 thoughts on “Corona virus 5

  1. Nancy

    Thank you for the on-the-ground details, Nancy. I’m another Nancy, and we’re scheduled to move to our new Abruzzo home in May. I’m glued to the news, which is looking grimmer each day. Latest from Abruzzo news recommends staying away, especially from Apennine mountain towns where everyone is old. Since I don’t want to drag anything along that would hurt anyone’s nonna, and due to the lockdown, we will stay flexible. Our house here is sold, the shipping container leaves mid-April, but we’ll hang out and wait for the all-clear. Please keep posting! And thanks for the logistical move details, they are a huge help.

  2. Allisa Imming

    I’m so glad you’re posting these updates.
    Michael and I spent 5 nights in Sorrento; got back to Calabria last Wednesday.
    The young man who operated the bnb we stayed at had a horrible sounding cough, but otherwise appeared fit, handsome and healthy.
    I kept my distance from him but at our check out, I asked if he was concerned about his cough.
    Basically he said there was no way he would get tested or seek medical attention because “the authorities will give me a number to try to control me and try to shut my business down. “. He said his family all worked in hospitality and tourism and they have been slowly suffering because of the virus.
    I told him to consider not getting too close to his grandparents and wished him all the best.

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