Lockdown! Corona virus 6

Well, as they say, this is one fine kettle of fish we are all in! Last night our Prime Minister decreed all of Italy is a Red Zone. So as of this morning we are all locked down.

To put this in perspective. We are restricted to our own Comune, (the locality that governs our neighborhoods near here). We cannot leave unless we have an urgent medical or work reason. And we’d need proof and a certification to leave. We can still go out for a nice walk outside…which is beautiful right now by the way…

But, within our Comune, are plenty of food stores and shops. It is why I love Umbertide. We have all we need here. The stores are all open during the day (except weekends). So we can go grocery shopping…but not together! Only one person per household allowed in the store. And we must always keep at least one meter apart.

The bars and restaurants are open, but only until 6PM. So this means, if you want to eat out you’ll need to do lunch. This will be hard on all bars and restaurants. Essentially this is a curfew starting at 6PM.

The worst thing I’ve heard is that our weekly market is canceled. This is huge. First for the merchants…very hard for them to lose this income. And second for all of us who count on shopping every week…not to mention the socializing that takes place. People come from all around the hills nearby and it’s a big social occasion. I guess this is why it’s cancelled. So sad.

Of course this all too, shall pass. We can get through it and I personally think it is necessary. It will slow and stop the virus. Then life will return to normal.
Stay safe everyone, enjoy this enforced solitude, and WASH YOUR HANDS!!

One thought on “Lockdown! Corona virus 6

  1. Audrey

    Maybe there is some way the farmers can sell to the stores, then the people can buy it when they go shopping?

    So sorry you are going through this.

    I have a feeling the US is right behind Italy. My daughter works for a large international company in Westchester and she got the word last night that they are closing indefinitely and the employees have to work from home. She’s lucky they can do that. If my company closed (I’m in Florida), I’d be out of work.

    Keep safe,

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