Corona virus 8 — lockdown

46 positive cases in Umbria.
This was yesterday. I’m amazed at how everyone is obeying the 1 meter distance thing. These old guys usually play cards but it’s hard to do that from a distance. I guess they are taking a break. But look how well they observe the distance rules!

Late last night, around 10PM here, Conte announced new stricter lockdown rules. All stores restaurants, bars will be closed. The better to restrict gatherings of people. I immediately lost it. I am always one to be fully prepared…and I had let the all important cat litter run out!
Just about this same time we heard from our friend Vera. She said they’ve been ordered to remain home with windows closed. The entire town is being disinfected between the hours of 11pm and 5am. I asked why. She said Cortona has cases of the virus. Their comune is Cortona. You may remember this town from Under the Tuscan Sun —- the book and movie. This is quite close to us…
So, a new dawn. Under more complete lockdown. We weren’t sure what to expect. We filled out the autocertificazione that we are required to carry, and headed out. Here’s what we found…

Good news…pet stores are considered food stores! So we got food and litter. All is well. Relief. I noted the green grocery stores are open, the fresh pasta shop, the rosticceria with ready made meals, the bakery, the butchers. The regular groceries have lines of people outside waiting their turn. All keeping the meter distance. I also saw the electronic store was open. That one confused me. We went OUT OF OUR COMUNE to buy pellets. (But just a little outside). This is against the rules. The stores selling pellets and firewood are open, a necessity. The worst businesses hurt are the bars and restaurants. You cannot congregate. But we also noticed 2 restaurants with big signs saying they are doing takeaway lunches and dinners! Thinking outside the box. Too bad bars can’t do that. I’m sorry for Bar Mary…and others.

This is the shuttered Bar Mary.😢

After we unloaded our cat litter, and a bunch of pellet for our stufa, I parked the car and paid a visit to our Alimentari downstairs. I was surprised to see he has a table blocking access about midway up the middle of the shop. The proprietor (Angelo) was behind a newly installed glass barrier at the counter. I needed cheese, he held it up (he was about 10 feet away) I said “va bene”. He told me the price. He came near the table and leaned out to leave it for me and retreated. I put the money on the table…luckily I had exact change. Very strange.
I’m sure doing this lockdown will in the end get control of this virus. All my friends in the US I advise you to self quarantine and limit your contacts with others. Even if there’s no official edict. I’m heartened by the reactions of everyone I know here. We are all in this together. And it will get better if we all work together. 💕

Baci e abbracci my friends…and wash your hands!🙂

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