Corona virus 9 – first death

Pretty big jump today. 64 positive cases in Umbria.
First death. 67 year old man. Musician. Lived in Città di Castello

Città di Castello is a town just north of us. Only about 15 miles. So now we know it is very near. It becomes more real.

Today is Friday. Our intrepid Italian teacher still came to teach us here at our house. Her whole family is home. 3 kids (mostly grown) and a husband. Her husband is a very well known tour guide in Rome. But, as we all know. There are no tours anywhere. And no people allowed out.
Until today, I have felt fairly normal. But it has come home to me. Going out, even for a walk, kind of lets the team down. We are not supposed to go out AT ALL unless absolutely necessary. I heard about a man who was arrested because he foolishly thought he could go to the car wash. 🙄 What was he thinking…

A friend had a nice post today about her mind shift. She had been anxious staying at home. But suddenly, she feels safe. Her casa is her nest. Her cocoon. She feels safe there. I feel the same. My casa in the sky is my eye upon the world. And my safe haven. I have my terrace. I can get fresh air. I uncovered my table and unstacked my chairs. The weather is beautiful, early spring weather with highs in the 60s.

My newly uncovered table on the terazza.

Finally, I had heard all the grocery stores would be closed for the weekend. So, this afternoon, I went out to pick up a few things I am low on. I went to our nearest store. The Gala market. I noted on the door, they are open tomorrow and also Sunday morning. Good to know! I saw a bunch of people standing around the door, everyone keeping about a six foot distance from each other. A woman was passing out numbers and plastic gloves. When someone left the store, she called the next number. So, eventually, I got my shopping done. I did not get near anyone. Ever. I also paid a visit to the farmacia. They have newly installed glass at the counter and they want you to stay a few feet away. They slide your product under the glass. I passed my credit card. They no longer accept cash. The town itself is like a ghost town. I feel very sorry for older folks living alone. No longer able to go out and interact with friends, it must be very lonely for them.
That’s the news from the front!
Stay safe…and wash your hands!

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