Corona Virus

Since this all over the news I thought I’d do a quick update. There have been 60 new cases in the past 24 hours in Lombardia. Also two cases in Florence and one in Palermo. These are the first in Tuscany and Sicily.  Total cases nearing 300. Seven people have died, all of them elderly or with compromised immune systems. The provinces affected are closing schools and canceling events. They are advising people with symptoms to not go to the emergency room but call their doctor or the health department.

People here in Umbria seem calm and nothing has changed. We have had no reported cases. But that could change. Some areas are reporting runs on food and water. We went shopping today and it was quiet and the store was fully stocked. So all is well in our region for now.

3 thoughts on “Corona Virus

  1. Victoria

    Thank you Nancy – please keep us updated. Your blogs are fantastic!! We’re looking to retire to Italy & I’ve been reading your amazing input all morning. We’re there in June – I’m in the US – Italy seems very ahead of the pack given we’re nowhere near your #’s with testing. Please keep writing as all your topics are fascinating, as is your eloquence!

  2. Audrey

    I’m glad everything is calm by you, We are planning a trip in May to Milan, then Sorrento then Rome.
    Unless this gets under control (which I really think its gonna get worse before it gets better) I may have to cancel.
    Hubby has diabetes and my BIL, has a multitude of health issues. I’m not going to risk their health for a vacation, even if I lose $$. I do have travel insurance so hopefully, if we do cancel, they will pay out, at least partially.

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