Corona Virus 2

We now have a few cases of the Virus here in Umbria. A family self quarantining itself in Città della Pieve on the far west side near Tuscany, one in Todi, to the south, one in Foligno, and two others in small towns south of Perugia. I do not personally know of any closures.

We are starting to feel it here in other ways. The Questura is not processing the Permessi di Soggiorno that we need to stay here. Supposedly we will get extensions. This is impacting the fact we were going to try for the long term permits. Not sure what we will do now.

Airlines are not flying into the northern airports near the red zones but Rome and Naples are fine. The people who are flying places, so far are not hitting any problems. But many people are canceling their trips here. It will have a devastating impact on the Italian economy 😢. The news from the US makes me think it will be no safer there than here as this thing runs its course.

Stay safe everyone!

9 thoughts on “Corona Virus 2

  1. linda

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Nancy. You have been in our thoughts. Stay safe.
    warmly, linda

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I know! It is hard to know what to do. So many people are in your position. The south is still relatively virus free and all is going on as normal. As is it in Florence and Tuscany, Umbria etc. I think for me it would be the flight in a crowded plane and the airports. But you can be careful.i have a good friend who cancelled their trip to their home in Basilicata today. Mainly because they could get a refund on their flight.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It is safe here but I’m with you on the flying and being in crowded airports. Just wash those hands a lot and don’t touch your face or eyes. Your wipes will help.

  4. Jane

    Thanks Nancy. We’re due to arrive next month and we’re not really worried about Umbria. We are a bit nervous about the flight. I’ll have my Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. Hope that will be sufficient.

  5. Kevin De Angelis

    We’re supposed to be in Rome from April 14 to May 5. We haven’t canceled – yet – and are keeping a close eye on the state department website. If they declare a level 4 warning (do not travel) for all of Italy, we’ll cancel. But we have until March 14 to cancel our lodging without penalty. It’s frustrating to have to make a big decision on the basis of a moving target, but everyone’s in the same boat. I’d like to know what your other subscribers think.

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