Day 44 – Covid-19

168,941 positives in Italy. Up 2.3% – 22,170 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.

1,329 positives in Umbria. One more death at 55.

653,825 cases in the US – 31,638 deaths.

I really do get my days confused now! If I didn’t have my iPad I don’t know what I’d do! We had our Italian class today.  It is one of the only anchors to an otherwise totally random existence.

Weather is warming up again. Yesterday I planted my plants. Very nice to have them cheering up our space outside.

I severely cut back this lemon tree this winter. The problem is the trunk is bent and skewed making it unbalanced when it gets a lot of fruit. So I am going to keep the new leaves from growing on one side so I can encourage new growth the other way. We will see how that works. Otherwise I may have to get a new tree. I can probably re-home this one. 

Weekend coming up. Starting last week we decided to make Friday pizza night. It kind of adds a little something different to the weekend.

Stay safe inside everyone… 🌈 Andrà tutto bene…

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