Day 52 – Covid-19

192,994 positives in Italy. Up 1.6% – 25,969 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.
There are 1,363 positive cases in Umbria.  62 total deaths.

889,661 cases in the US – 50,890 deaths.
It is a beautiful day here. The temperatures are set to warm in the next few days. Always a lifter of spirits.

Friday is the day we have the dreaded Italian lesson. I hate it. But I feel I should be doing at least this little bit. Sigh.
I  took some pictures of things I like in my apartment. Here are a few of my favorite things… 🎶

Hallway from living room to the rest of the (older) apartment. Deruta lamp in white ceramic. Doubles as a nightlight because of the treacherous steps.
Etruscan pottery replicas I have collected from a shop in Gubbio which specializes in this. I like to arrange them asymmetrically. I also think of the two taller pieces as an aristocratic man and a woman. And the squat round one is a peasant. What I really love is the clean, almost modern lines of this pottery from pre-Roman times.
A recasting of a frieze. Also created by an artisanal shop in a Gubbio.

Gubbio is an amazing medieval city near us. A little difficult to get to so it is not heavily touristed. We love this city and many of our guests have gone there with us. The artisans of the above art, and also amazing ceramics are top-notch.

Such pretty weather lured me out for my round the block walk. It takes 8 minutes for a loop at a brisk walk and I did three. Plus a little carrying of trash to put me at about half an hour. I want to increase it over time. Between the knee replacement and the pandemic limiting exercise, I am not very fit anymore, sad to say. No excuses, I can work back to it. And I will.

The Tiber and Monte Acuto. The trees are shedding this white fluff which floats in the water.
Lots of fluff down river in this one.

I realize there is a lot of confusion in the US right now. At a time like this it’s the last thing anyone needs. No matter what our state and federal leadership says, we get to decide for our personal selves, what to do.  I hope all of you are very careful and stay home as much as possible. It is the best way to stay safe. 💕 

Jill’s garden.

One thought on “Day 52 – Covid-19

  1. Mary Catherine Strong

    Oh Nancy I have been reading your blog for months now & truly enjoy hearing from an American living in Umbria! We live in South Carolina and bought an apartment in Gubbio (went under contract last summer). We were supposed to close April 1st. We now have friends in Gubbio that will serve as our Power of Attorney. I am in the process of obtaining my duel citizenship (via my grandfather & his family from Abruzzo). WHEN we finally get there I would be so grateful to meet you! We have tickets for mid August- mid October. We have an interesting story of how we came up with the decision to select Umbria.

    Mary Catherine Strong

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