Day Zero

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go! We fly out of Washington National to Philadelphia and on to Rome. We arrive Jan 16 at 8AM. We rented a car from a new place called Air Transat that we heard of from friends who live in Canada. Much cheaper. We’ll see how it goes. The weather is in the 50s with a lot of rain and fog. But that’s winter for you. Not as bad as Virginia right now.

I have been emailing like crazy and have set up appointments with 3 realtors. Most are based in the UK but have arrangements with Italian agencies. Since there is no MLS in Italy you have to contact everyone separately. One of these helped us find the flat we are renting in Umbertide for 3 weeks. He will be showing us properties in that area. We have appointments on the 17th, 18th, 20th, 21st and 22nd in various areas with various realtors.

Then just 2 days ago I made contact with an American who lives in Castligone del Lago west of Perugia. This is the other area we are interested in looking for properties. It is interesting how I am growing a network there. There are so many ways to find people. I found him while googling the towns in the area and seeing a Trip Advisor restaurant review on a place in one of the hill towns there. I clicked his contact and sent a short email. He got right back to me and we’ve been having a lively discussion. He’s been there since 2008 and loves it. He gave us some advice that we were grateful for about markups with foreign realtors and the fact that many properties are not listed with agencies and you have to know people. He pointed us to a local Italian builder – he called him Bob the Builder. He does renovations for most of the British who live there. He is also local and plugged into the property network.

Now I have made contact with Bob the builder and plan to meet him on Friday the day after we arrive. He is scouting around even as I type to find things in that area that could be available.

It is all an adventure!! A little nerve-wracking but nonetheless an adventure. Stay tuned

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