Final thoughts

The first part of the adventure is done now. I counted up that we saw 21 houses. Of those, 6 were of some interest. It was never assured that we could actually find a place and make an offer in the almost 3 weeks we had but in the end, we did it.

Now come the crazy times.

After we go home we will have our work cut out for us. For me, I have to get ready for my hip replacement surgery. It is necessary and I want to have it done by the time we move to Italy. That will happen on February 12.

After I recuperate there are hundreds of things to get done. And hundreds of things to have accomplished in Italy before we arrive. I am sure the apartment will not have the things we need to get started like bed linens, towels, all the kitchen equipment, plates etc. I am not sure how we can get some of the basics before we come. Perhaps Simona can help. After the closing I am thinking of asking Susan to take the keys so she can give them to anyone who needs access. We would like to get the screens installed before we come too.

If closing happens on May 30 as stipulated we cannot start to get our visas until then because we have to have the house papers to do so. We may go to the embassy early to see exactly what we’ll need and that may simplify the process after the sale. Because the amount of time needed for this process is unknown we won’t be able to get our flights over and since it will be summer by then that could be an issue. We will have to think about the logistics of it all.

Also we will need to put our house on the market and deal with all our stuff. I don’t think it will take long to sell it – it will be at a good time of year – but one never knows. I have found a company called You Pack, We Ship who will send 50 cubic feet of stuff over for a pretty reasonable price. We intend to do that. It is kind of hard to know what we can fit into that space but I am mentally making a list. We will only take what we won’t want to bring back when we come home as I don’t intend to ship back.

We will also need to rent a storage space and have the larger items that we want to keep moved to it by a moving company. Then we will have to give away or throw away the rest of our items.

Since I am a total planner my mind is spinning! But I’ve done it before so I can do it again.

I will update this blog as relevant events take place.

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