Here we go again…Zona Rossa

As of today we are again Zona Rossa, or Red Zone. All of the province of Perugia went Red today from the previous Orange. This is nothing like the full lockdown we had last year. We have freedom to walk or run alone and we can both go shopping for food together. Last year we could not.

We will be Red for two weeks. Then they will re-assess. In reading the restrictions I don’t really see a whole lot different from the Orange restrictions. It doesn’t matter much for us since we routinely stay home except for essentials. The only thing is I just checked to see if our new Permessi di Soggiorno cards are ready – I check every week – and yep, now they are ready. The problem is we can’t travel to pick them up. I don’t think it would be deemed an emergency.
If you’ve been following this blog awhile you may remember back in our first lockdown, last spring, I did a post about my little, sad lemon tree. (Read original post) It is a very crooked little tree with a twisted trunk. I outlined how I was going to restrict its growth to one side then keep the new branches and any fruit over the base of the crooked trunk to help balance it over the center of gravity and keep it from tipping over. 😁 I had my share of Doubting Thomas’ last year…I am happy to report my plan worked. Take a look at it now and at how the fruit is over the pot. I am enjoying the fresh lemons!

And just playing around with my other new lens…yes, I bought two new lenses.

Well time for my Italian sentence. “il mio albero di limone ha sette limoni” in English, “my lemon tree has seven lemons”. Pronounced…eel meo al-bear-oh dee lee-moan-ay ah set-tay lee-moan-ee.

Hang in everyone…we are hunkered down in Umbria. Andrà tutto bene 🌈

6 thoughts on “Here we go again…Zona Rossa

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Brian, the tunnel is long ahead of us. We are in the second group and we probably won’t get a vaccine until May at the earliest. And I don’t mind telling you, I am sick of staying home. I hope things do turn around soon. But I’m not all that optimistic…

  2. Brian

    Todays headline “Virus Cases Drop 56% over Month Stirring Optimism”. WSJ 2/10/21 With everyone getting the vaccine around here, its great to see numbers including hospitalizations (-38%) going down. Could be there is no big events and no flu season this year. Its also kind of quiet in middle of winter. Hopefully your area will experience a turnaround soon.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Terry, I love the crooked little lemon tree. We work together. I always feel bad for pinching off the new leaves on the wrong side. They smell soooo good though. I was surprised by how much it has filled out from the last year pictures! And she always gives me many lemons. 🍋

  4. terrylarsoncomcastnet

    I’m so happy you are having success with you lemon tree. It’s beautiful and it was fun to read your original post on it with the depictions (thank you for the link). Also the older post showed your walk – it looks lovely. So sorry to hear that you are in lock-down. We are getting the vaccines here (I’m in Portland, OR) in the next few weeks. Today anyone over 80 can sign up, Next Monday over 75, then 5 year increments thereafter. My mother-in-law got hers some time ago since she lives in a retirement center and is over 91. We are so glad to get my mother signed up. She’ll be 100 on March 1st! Thank you so much for the Italian lessons.

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