Hospital arrival and first day

I was told to arrive at noon today. Which I did. But last time here I neglected to take a picture of this directional board with all its colors. There are building depictions on the sides and on the floors everywhere are colored arrrows to help you find your way.

They checked me in with much paperwork. Then I arrived in my room. It is a semi-private room and has a curtain on one side only and is very much like a US hospital. I guess it depends on the hospital. This one has nearly everything. There is toilet paper. At lunch there was plastic cutlery. There is a small shared TV. But tonight for dinner I did not have a spoon for the broth I was allowed. So I used the one I brought. They don’t provide water.

My roommate was in bad pain and I spent the afternoon listening to her cry and her husband calling for nurses. They tried a few different things none of which worked. Finally she got morphine. She’s eating and blabbing on the phone tonight. I hope they manage my pain OK. Now her husband has gotten his lawn chair and cushions and a blanket to spend the night. I had hoped it would not be necessary for me. Crossing my fingers. Poor Luther has no lawn chair.

6 thoughts on “Hospital arrival and first day

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I am home. I still have much to tell. My main problem is with the pain management which is nonexistent here. Or they give you over the counter stuff. No opioids. I remember when I had my hip replaced they were liberal with them and I don’t remember being in a lot of pain. Not so this time.

  2. Warren & Carol

    By this time we envision the surgery complete and back in your room
    Hope all is going well and Luther doesn’t need a lawn chair.
    All our best

  3. Jed

    Thanks, Nancy, for sharing this important aspect of life in Italy. Wishing you a speedy recovery with bionic results!

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