In defense of myself…

Recently, I had a comment on my blog that said, “I’ve noticed that people who have made life changes and are thrilled with their choices often will then mock or downgrade those or situations they’ve left ”. Wow. I hope most people who read this blog don’t feel like I come across this way. I certainly don’t feel this way. I am happy with my new life, yes, but would never, ever “mock or downgrade” people in the US.

My Ferragosto blog post had a paragraph at the end where I expressed my concern for my fellow Americans and their difficulties right now. Maybe it was the way I worded it. To clarify…. I’m sure not everyone is experiencing difficulties but I know from what I see, and read, that there are a lot of people hurting out there right now. I do realize there are also many people unaffected financially who can do most of the things they have always done. I am happy for them. I just meant to express my concern for those not so fortunate.

I write my blog because I want to. It is not commercial in any way. It is a way for me to remember my life here. I can go back and re-live things if I want. I am gratified that some folks like to read it…thank you!

Mostly I try to stick to relating everyday events going on here. Back during the lockdown in Italy, I felt like I needed to relay all we were going through. So I posted for 83 days straight. I feel that is quite an accomplishment. As you can imagine it was a roller-coaster of emotions for me.

Sometimes I do compare the US and Italy. They are my two countries after all. I enjoy my life here, but remain interested in all that is happening back home. And I vote. What happens in the US affects us too. We are still US Citizens after all.
OK then. Enough of this. We are in a new week. It will remain hot for the foreseeable future. We have been dealing with a sick cat. We went to the vet last week and she put Rocky on antibiotics. He is much better. I don’t know why he was sick but I am really happy he is feeling better.

This one is Simba, Rocky’s brother. He always looks so comfortable when he’s sleeping.

I recently read that the Italian government has become concerned due to the rise in new cases of the virus here. They have added requirements that anyone traveling here from a few countries, Malta, Croatia, Spain and Greece (for now) must be tested before they can come or return here. They also have instituted new requirements that between 6pm and 6am, everyone inside or out must wear the mask and socially distance at Bars and Discos. There has been an uptick in young people getting Covid and it is related to the fact that the bars and discos have huge crowds of young people partying together and not being careful. Schools are reopening so the concern is the kids will bring it into the schools. We are not out of the woods yet. I’m glad Italy is being vigilant.
Stay safe everyone! 🌈 Andrà tutto bene.

11 thoughts on “In defense of myself…

  1. Leslee

    Nancy, You blog is wonderful and your photos are beautiful. Keep writing whatever makes you happy. Ignore the haters. Have a great time and enjoy life.

  2. Roger Sparks

    Nancy, you are experiencing what everyone who blogs experiences today. If your opinion or thoughts don’t coincide with someone else’s opinions or thoughts, some people find themselves incapable of not criticizing or attacking you for it. Sitting in one’s living room seems to give some people the right to throw lots of nasty stones, since they are not with you or looking you in the eye when they do it.

    So keep at it, and ignore the noise.

  3. Carlo

    P.S., I was glad to see you write about your cats. I’ve been meaning to ask if you would write about your experience there with veterinary care and pet supplies, etc. Thank you.

  4. Carlo

    Nancy, I agree with the comments others made about generally ignoring negative commentary. I don’t remember who said it but someone I worked with used to say “in a politically-charged environment, anything you say will be seen as politically biased by someone.” If your intentions are open, honest, heartfelt exposition and dialog, then you are on solid ground. Forge ahead. As you can tell, you have a loyal following. Those of us who read your blog regularly understand where you are coming from and, speaking for myself and knowing I reflect the opinion of others who have voiced it in these postings, I look forward to your observations and personal commentary on life in Italy and how it might compare to your other life experiences. Thank you and keep up the good work. A day without NancyGoesToItaly is like a day without espresso or vino — diminuito. Grazie molto.

  5. Dave

    Just agreeing with what everyone is saying and showing support. Adding to what Joseph posted, and what you posted: It’s your blog, not commercial in any way, hopefully people will enjoy it and if not, they are welcome to look elsewhere. Like they say about TV, if you don’t like what’s on, change the channel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and thoughts, naturally when you put yourself out there, there will be support and there will be pushback. And in today’s world, more people are putting themselves out there than ever. I’m glad someone referred me to your blog and enjoy it. Of course i’m someone who agrees with your sentiments and opinions.

  6. Marjorie Arvedon

    I , for one, think you’re being objective when you speak of current events in the USA. You’re not the least bit condescending, but rather, empathic in expressing your thoughts and feelings after stating the facts as you interpret them. I appreciate your sharing of your personal life journal which includes your daily life activities as well as your heartfelt viewpoints as American living in Italy. Keep it up!

  7. James Lupori

    Nancy, there’s the old saying: no need to explain, your friends to require it and your enemies won’t believe it. The fact is, your apology is unnecessary. Everyone makes comparisons, especially about the countries where they live. As I recently mentioned on another post, after being accused of the same thing, Americans invented the “we’re better than you” philosophy. If anyone has to apologize for high levels of condescension it would be “the exceptional ones.” As you know, Virginia and I came to Italy because 1) I got a job and, 2) we were up for one more big adventure. We didn’t come here to escape anything or because we were fundamentally unhappy with the States. Now, the reality is, our former country isn’t as bright and shiny as its citizens would like to believe. You can tell by their defensiveness and discomfort when confronted with inconvenient truths.
    Keep on writing!!!!

  8. Joseph Roveto

    First of all, it’s your blog Nancy. People can take it or leave it. Frankly, I find it always measured, fair, smart and informative. It feels personal and local, yet aware of the bigger picture (i.e. happenings in The U.S.) Brava!

  9. Kathy

    I love reading your posts Nancy. As an American who dreams of living in Italy at least part of the time, it is very interesting to see how really are. Don’t worry about the negative comments. Things are so politicized here in the U.S. it is really sad. Keep sharing your stories.

  10. CJPardun

    As others have said, don’t be bothered by negative comments (if possible). Those of us who write our opinions in the digital space get hit with unkind comments often. Goes with the territory, I suppose. Recently, I made a comment about a picture a group from my university posted with no one wearing a mask (masks are now required on campus). I thought my comment was gentle. The vitriol that some people felt free to post was fairly unbelievable. How health has become so political in this country, I’ll never understand. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and like hearing from someone inside Italy. Keep writing!

  11. Jed

    Please ignore such comments, Nancy. Fortunately, with my blog I receive very very few people “sniping” their unhappiness. Your chronicling of the pandemic in Italy, and offering a very important perspective of looking at the madness in the States from afar is valuable perspective IF only more people would be open to it. What many Americans don’t understand OR appreciate is how the behavior and rabid alliance to a dishonest government (born out again and again by fact checking) is steadily and surely eroding any respect that other countries might have had. I hear from Italians, again and again, that America has plummeted in their estimation. Disillusioned is the sentiment I hear expressed.
    Best to ignore such comments and let such people stew in their own unhappiness.
    Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t edit yourself because one person slug mud.

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