It was our….ahem…year anniversary celebration

SO. The summer solstice is the day of Luther and my anniversary. This year was a significant one. I won’t say the number but it has to do with Gold.

We decided to invite most of our new friends here to a lunch at Calagrana. I wanted it to be family style and casual. Comfortable. The weather was hot but we were on the side porch in the shade with the occasional breeze. Here are some pictures.

we decided to ride in our Chariot the Angelo Giallo.

Ely’s signature cocktail complements of the house. Thanks Ely! But, even on this special day, she wouldn’t tell me what was in it!

Table all set and waiting.

Luther looking handsome in is Hawaiian shirt.

Me ready for the fun.

Some of the friends who joined us to celebrate.

A tavola

Paul, Susan, Stuart, Jill.

Vera, Jen, Joanne.

Cuzin’ Tom. My maiden name is Gilmer. Tom’s last name is Gilmore. Both from Scotland originally. We have to be cousins!



Desiree, Vera’s pretty red-head daughter.

All of us!

Chef Albi hard at work at the grill.

And of course I had to have pictures some of the food. I forgot to get it all.

We had a multi-plate antipasti to start. Chicken wings, Charcouterie, quiche…

Torta alla Nonna for dessert. SO good!

I had Ely and Albi special order lobsters for us. And we had beautiful rib eye steaks too.

I think everyone had fun. It only happens once!

24 thoughts on “It was our….ahem…year anniversary celebration

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It was a nice time. I think everyone had fun. I’m always surprised how many new friends I’ve made here in such a short time.💕

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I was sorry our timing worked out that way. You’d have been invited!

  3. Kathleen Mack

    So wish I were there.
    You look beautiful and Luther quite dashing!
    Happy happy anniversary! Xxxxxxx
    50 more!

  4. cgilmer2015

    I so wish I’d been there to celebrate on the actual day of your anniversary, but I’m happy so many friends were there with you. See you in Athens in a few weeks for our celebration! Love you big sis!

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh it was! Always at Calagrana it’s a special occasion. They made it easy for us!

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Carlo. If you’d been here you’d have been invited for sure!

  7. Joanne Qualey

    Congratulations! I was so happy to be part of your celebration, which was really lovely – food, friends, Italy.

  8. Carlo

    Man oh man, I didn’t get an invitation! 😉

    I’d have gladly hopped in my Lear jet and dragged Mary there to celebrate the BIG FIVE OH!

    Seriously, congratulations to you both! Looks like a lovely celebration and, of course, Calagrana… I could easily live there. —CARLO

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