It’s July alright.

The heat has finally hit. It could, and probably will, get hotter but this is hot enough for me! In July Umbertide is really jumping. Jumping as much as it ever will. All the people with holiday homes in the hills around here are back. And all the people who rent rooms, villas and apartments are here too. The bars, markets and restaurants are full. Supermarket parking lots have a plethora of license plates from all over Europe. On certain days it’s like grand central station when the weekly rentals change over and everyone new is buying groceries.

It’s really no wonder that so many people come. Although Umbria is not famous like our next door neighbor, Tuscany, it is just as beautiful. It is quieter with less tourists, an oasis of Italian food, wine and beauty. This picture was taken on a farm just outside the Umbertide city walls. The girasole, sunflowers, are a big crop here for their oil, but also a big part of our July landscape. 🌻

Posted on the Umbertide Facebook page. Photo by Pietro Migliorati.

Here are a few terrazzo pictures. First one is of our fish, Qua and Quo, who are increasingly more friendly because they know where the food comes from. The rest are garden pictures and the new rug. Captions below the pics. As always click for larger versions

Qua and Quo – at breakfast
Margarita. Italian for daisy.
Dwarf Japanese maple
Tomatoes! Can’t wait!
Baby jalapeño
I swear the olive is twice it’s original size!
New rug and pillows. Finito!

I sat outside all day yesterday. There was a lovely breeze. I just need to get Pino, the electrician, back for some outlets and lighting outside. Oh and to fix the lights that don’t work.
All y’all stay cool!

2 thoughts on “It’s July alright.

  1. Cynthia M

    Just look at where you are now – how beautiful your home is and you’re entertaining guests! Seems like it was not that long ago you were feeling like nothing was happening when you expected (and were promised) it to. Haha, la dolce vita in Italia!

    I really enjoy following the seasons through your blog. The photos are much appreciated. 🙂

    I live in San Francisco. The high temp today was 61F/16C, with wind and fog. It’s July alright!

  2. Matthew Daub

    We’re sweltering here in PA too – 90+ with the added benefits of unhealthy air from the massive Canadian wildfires drifting down. The air quality is somewhat better this week. Two weeks ago the air quality index was the worst in the world – 485 on a scale of 500! Cars had their headlights on and you could actually smell the smoke.

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