Saturday market

We have entered the very hot days today. So I got off early to go to the market so I didn’t miss the good tomatoes. They sell out fast. There really is only one person who sells the kind of tomatoes I like. On the way I noted the Street Food festival that is on from Friday – Sunday. An annual event. Food trucks with interesting things . Wines. Micro brews. You load up and there are tables at which to sit. All in the shadow of La Rocca, our fortress.

But then, I heard the sound of a drum kit thrumming through the various drums. I spotted the band way up on a rooftop terrace. I was amazed. Those youngins will try anything! 😉

Into the market where, since I was early, the crowds weren’t very thick. I got my tomatoes, a whole lot of tomatoes! And some pretty green beans, onions and borlotti beans, first of the season. I visited various stands.

The lady at the above stand, also one of my favorites, knows me and that I have a blog so she gave me a flyer for an upcoming event. There is going to be a bi-lingual walking tour of Umbertide with a degustazione of foods at the end. It is all sponsored by Slow Food Alta Umbria and the Mercato della Terra di Umbertide. It’s July 22nd in case anyone reading this wants to go and happens to be here. I think a reservation is mandatory.

I bought mozzarella and eggs from my favorite cheese lady and I was finished. Except for one last chore.

I needed to photo the hours of our local electric place. Turns out, when we finalize our bill at Via Grilli, they ended up owing us €1,030. Which they gave us a credit for. Um, no. We do not use them for electric anymore so a credit isn’t going to work. It should be interesting trying to get the money back.
We next helped out a friend who wants to buy a place here. We went to view two houses. Over near Lago Trasimeno. The first one had spectacular views through pretty arched windows. But it was very small. Just two small bedrooms, two baths, and an open plan living, dining, kitchen area. [edit] There is a swimming pool.

The second was a huge place down on the flats below and near the lake. The bare glimpse of the lake was visible through an upstairs bedroom window.

We parted ways with the real estate agent Valentina, who was very nice. Then, we managed to hit a big pothole and got a flat tire. Damn. It was hot and we were in the sun but we managed to get it changed and got home OK. Now to see about buying a new tire! It was nothing if not an eventful day.

Buona fine settimana a tutti!

8 thoughts on “Saturday market

  1. Heather Sunseri

    Hi, Nancy. What a lovely Saturday. It’s Saturday in Kentucky as I write this, and we’re getting ready to head to our own farmers’ market where we, too, will be looking for perfect tomatoes and other fresh veggies that are so amazing this month. Cheeses? Not so much. I’m a bit envious on that one.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while. My husband and I are on a journey to obtain Italian citizenship, and I’ve enjoyed your blog as a way to explore the idea of living in Italy part/full time. We are traveling to Italy in October and working on a loose itinerary now. Maybe there will be another walking tour of Umbertide then. Would love that!

  2. Karen Pace

    Sounds like a great day, except for the flat tire part… sorry to hear about that. Lovely market items, and how good of you to post the lady’s flyer. If I was there a week earlier, I would do that walking tour! Maybe next year. Looks like a fun idea! I will buy the little 2-bedroom place! Great view! Love the arch! Ah, in reality, I won’t be looking for another 3 years, but I daydream about it every day…. I hope your friend finds a fabulous place!

  3. Jane Harper

    I hope you go on the walking tour so you can write about it! Love the house by the Lake with the arched windows! I’d love to get one of our friends to buy it! ❤️

  4. Valentina

    Grazie Nancy! Le impressioni e i consigli che lasci nel tuo blog sono molto importanti per il Mercato della Terra perché permettono di capire che esperienza vive un cliente che viene al Mercato ogni sabato. Grazie

  5. Linda

    Hi Nancy,
    We were at the market also just before lunch, also stopped at Formica to update our cellular data.
    I loved your photos, now I know which vendors to purchase from. We hope to see you at Calagrana sometime.

  6. Matthew Daub

    Thanks for taking us along, Nancy! These days Barb and I must visit Italy vicariously, and your blog is my favorite means of travel.

  7. Barbara Trovillo

    Love this! Umbertide is my favorite! I went to a Slow Food event there many years ago when I was in town in October. I miss that piazza. Love the market there. Thanks for all the pictures. It looks like your new place is coming together beautifully. I hope you are well. xx

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