It’s Saturday night in the Big City!

We went out for Campari Spritzes. It was cooler (yay) and we wanted to check out the scene. Irene was working her shift at Bar Mary. She is so sweet. Today is Angelo’s birthday… We made a point to stop in his shop to wish him a buon compleanno.

We chose a table. The passeggiato was under way. Plenty of people watching. I said to Luther that the tables at Bar Mary really feel like an extension of our living room. It is an odd feeling but it is apt. We walk out our door. Ten steps, order our drinks and enjoy the evening with all the cittadine of Umbertide. The fashion show is interesting. I can’t say Umbertide is the fashion capital of Italy! Some very strange outfits were on display.

Tonights band was setting up. Sound checks. Drummer testing his sticks. Singer (if you can call him that) stretching his vocal cords. Here is a short clip.

Later — Right now I am listening to the band in our living room. The window is open. I could close it and not hear it, but, well, it’s fun to listen. They play all Italian music. I have gotten used to it. To be honest, it has no real beat, you can’t dance to it, the singers emote big time. It is Italian. What can I say?!

We will definitely miss this scene right outside our door. The good news is, if we get our offer accepted on the new house it is only a ten minute walk away. No, not quite the same…sadly, but we can still borrow the ”living room”.

14 thoughts on “It’s Saturday night in the Big City!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    There used to be a Bar Pazzi there. I don’t know the history of who owned it. This one doesn’t serve any food and has no kitchen, so I’m not sure it’s the same one. It is now owned by the Catholic Church. An old woman who owned it died and left it to the Church. Now Mary and Irene rent it from them. 😁

  2. Maggie

    Bar Mary looks like the same one we used to frequent in the late 90s, when we had a house near Santa Guiliana. It used to be owned by a Nonna whose husband was shot by the Germans, if it is the same. I have always remembered her “green minestrone”.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louann, it is a long story. Too long for the comments section! I’ll send an email.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Meredith, I love, love this apartment. I would never have sold it but for my knee issues. Trying to be practical and move somewhere where we can age comfortably. Luther has to carry everything we buy up here…it is 53 steps.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, glad you liked the video. I love watching people and what they wear!

  6. Meredith Bynum

    Hi Nancy, have you posted on your reasons for selling and moving to a different apartment? Perhaps I missed it. Is it wishing to have an elevator primarily?

  7. liz kessell

    Peanuts! All we ever got were potato chips. I always found it interesting that some people actually left potato chips in the bowl. We always devoured ours right down to the last crumb.

  8. Rose Viggiani

    Bert Pagano would be sooo appreciated over there!! Maybe he’ll get a gig there sometime!

  9. Louann chapman

    Happy to hear you may be soon owners of a new apartment!! Is in on the ground floor? Difficult to find! I read all your blogs Nancy and enjoy them because they depict the everyday life in a small town in Italy and informative as well for us expats who live part of the year there. I have a question I’ve been dying to ask. You may have explained it in earlier blogs but haven’t found an answer. Why exactly did you move to Italy permanently? Most of us live part of the year somewhere else but you made a permanent move from Virginia. Why? Thanks for sharing! Excited to get back to Ugento in December!

  10. Matthew Daub

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video as I’m drinking an ice cold martini in Bar Matteo. When we first started going to Italy in 1994, you easily could tell the Italians from the Americans at a glance – they were slimmer and dressed much sleeker. Not anymore!!

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