Kitchen table

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about the kitchen table before now. I don’t remember when we bought it, probably back in December. I was concerned that it not be too big to overwhelm the kitchen. I also thought I had measured and that it should fit up the stairs. Well…

The delivery men brought the table back in December. And it would not fit. There is a curve in the stairs up to our front door. Just slight but enough to narrow the entrance so it could not fit up them. So we told them to leave it on the landing. And there it sat until now. Landing with table…


We had been asking Emanuele to help and he promised he would. I felt bad asking but I had no other choice except to maybe saw off the legs! So today, at long last, Jimmy, Emanuele’s right hand strong back came over. After coordinating with Josefina a neighbor who has the key to the apartment beneath us. Jimmy had a rope. And a plan which was not working until Josefina straightened him out. She has great spacial sense. And they got it moved into the room just below our terrace.



Jimmy secured the rope to the railing.

And he dropped it down and tied it to the table going through the window below.

It took two to pull it up over the railing.

Jimmy is proud!

And here it sits in my kitchen…at long last!


As God is my witness, I will never buy anything that will not fit up the stairs again! Or at least not without a plan to get it up with a crane or something!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen table

  1. LifeIsG00d

    It is scary. Makes me very afraid to buy anything. So we tend to go to the same merchant since he knows what he is up against with delivery! hah!

  2. Carlo Rodriguez

    Hi Nancy, we remember our gynecologist neighbor upstairs in Bad Soden telling us about how her baby grand piano was lifted to the upper flat by a crane to the balcony and through the bedroom door! She said she was nervous — a slight understatement I think! — CARLO

  3. Warren &Carol Johnson

    Give us the distance from ground to balcony/terrace and we will make a rope for you from recycled bailing twine. We may even send you a machine to make your own rope. Of course, all this will have to wait until we return to VA.

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