Kitten update

Buona domenica everyone! Pretty weather here for the foreseeable future. This is more like the Umbrian summer I know. Although I will say there is always a hot spell or two. Now highs are in the upper 20s or around mid-80s Fahrenheit. No rain in sight and it is REALLY dry. I’d love to see a good steady rain. Maybe the vintners wouldn’t since the harvest has started and too much rain at harvest is not good.

The kitten saga continues. Mostly good news. The tiny first litter that seemed to disappear was rescued. These babies were too small to eat on their own. There were six and all are doing well after talking to the people around here. The kittens I saw in the last post are doing well. There are three. We are calling them Braveheart, Tippy, and Loony. The first name will stick. He is brave and tiny. And he has a heart on is side. They all have infected eyes. There’s no way we can help treat them so we hope they will heal with no ill affects. We alternate feeding with our South African friends here. Mornings and evenings. Today I returned from my walk to see them feeding the kittens and cats. We watched the kittens after they had filled their bellies play with each other. They even came under the gate to investigate our feet. I’ve always noticed cats don’t seem to associate us with our feet. To them, feet are individual entities. Rocky, one of our cats, to this day follows our feet to the kitchen. He stares right at them as he comes along. Anyway, the feeding will continue and I think the babes and mom will do OK. I wish I knew someone who’d adopt the kittens. Their lives won’t be the best in that feral colony.

Buona domenica a tutti! 💕

4 thoughts on “Kitten update

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    He is the top kitty eating out of the red plate. He has sort of two little overlapping heart shapes on his side and one on the other. Of course we don’t know their sexes but s/he’s a tough and brave cookie!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Margaret, I’d adopt these three if I didn’t have two cats up in years. They certainly wouldn’t appreciate interlopers in their domain. Stray cats are a big issue here because they don’t neuter.

  3. Margaret

    Oh dear! Kittens will always lift my heart, especially the abandoned ones that are being nurtured by good people like you😘. I keep wishing we could keep a few in our home, but that’s a pretty crazy idea ! Feral cats were a big issue all over Rome when I was a child there, and the elder Italian women would take fish heads and parts around to various feeding posts. I used to love to go down to Largo Argentina to see all of the cats in residence. But this was decades ago and at that time it seemed more a part of life than the “ people’s” it has become. I know if I lived there full time I’d adopt several. Ci vediamo subito!

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