Last fire…sigh.

Cold and blustery today. Snow predicted for the next few days. We won’t get much here in the valley. All is on track for the move. We move out tomorrow to the agriturismo. Our friend and agent Jim, is going to do our closing. He has been amazing! He seems to be able to get anything done. He probably doesn’t read this but thank you Jim, for everything!

I will post for the next few days little, short posts about how things progress. Wish us luck!

10 thoughts on “Last fire…sigh.

  1. Meg

    All the best for your upcoming move!! So many great memories of your place, so know this is bittersweet! A new chapter will begin, I know your new place will be cozy and warm, after all, you make the house a home! Love to you both!!❤️🙏🏻

  2. Carlo

    Nancy, we wish you, Luther, and the kitties all the very best in the move and in the whole transition to being settled in your new home!

  3. liz kessell

    Awww. It is sad to say goodbye to your lovely home. It is great that you can visit, so you will be back to enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. Your new home will be lovely. Wishing you the best on your and Luther’s new adventure. I hope the boyz aren’t too confused by it all.

  4. Julie

    Good luck with the move, it’s never straight forward and always last minute jobs to do. The good thing is moving in to your new home and putting everything in to place. cheers

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