Step 1 — finito!

Today was very busy. We had to wash linens and try to organize all our electronics and cords. And clean things, throw away trash, etc. We did all that as best we could. Then we packed for ourselves for four nights away from home. All our computers, plugs, wires, clothing, etc. Then we turned to the cats. We packed up all their stuff. Bowls, food, litter, litter box, scratch post, heated pillow… They had more than we did!

We walked over to the apartment/BnB we rented and checked in. Then grabbed the car and went to get all the sundry stuff down our beloved 53 steps. Mission accomplished. Whew. The BnB is cute. Only thing is I think there is only one outlet in the whole place. That’s a complete exaggeration 😁. But there is only one in the downstairs area for sure. These old places are often wiring challenged. Here is a picture of the living room.

The cats have very different personalities. Simba, the smaller, is the alpha and not at all laid back. Rocky, the gentle giant, settles in quickly. They are going through all their rituals. Exploring, eating, Simba is jumping his brother. Much caterwauling. It will take time for them to settle…only to have to do it again on Thursday. Poor boyz.

I am not one to ever let a fireplace go to waste. So I got afire going and it’s quite cozy.

Tonight we are going to order takeout from Osteria del Boccojolo. It is just steps from here and I’m getting a pasta dish.

Tomorrow, at 8am we meet up with our trasloco company who are moving us. They will do the packing. Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “Step 1 — finito!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Wendy, missed this message. Yes, I can see Bar l’artista from here. I’ve heard it has good coffee. I think it might be a while for us to get this into any kind of shape! Much more challenging than I anticipated

  2. Elizabeth w greenhill

    I’m going to miss your gorgeous apt! Best to you on your new place. If you hear of a good 2 bdrm rental in Umbria or south, pls let me know. Looking to move this summer with piccolo cane and husband and ER visa.

  3. Wendy

    It was a nice quaint little place and the service was great! We’re on via Unità d’Italia about half way between the station and the scuola media. I would love to grab a coffee as soon as you are settled a bit and have time. We could meet at bar L’artista, walking distance for us both.

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Wendy, you are near the station, right? After we move we should get together! What did you think of Boccojolo?

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Never fear Liz, as soon as we unloaded the car we poured some wine and made a toast to Step 1!

  6. Wendy

    Hah! We just ate there tonight for the first time! Wishing you a smooth move and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help (I’m literally half way between both places.)

  7. Liz

    You two are amazing. I am exhausted just reading about all you are doing. I am familiar with the stairs, so I totally realize the difficult treks up and down with boxes. You deserve some wine by the fire.

  8. Karen Pace

    And away you go! It all sounds good. Very straight-forward and organized. You’re on your way! In a mere few days, you’ll be in your new place! It will go by quickly with so much to do. Good luck and enjoy your B&B!

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