Lazy Saturday in the Big City

Yes, Luther calls Umbertide the Big City. It certainly is not a big city and here in Centro, it feels like a village. Today the Vespa club is having a “do”. I don’t know what exactly they are doing. It could be the end of a rally. Luther thinks it’s a concours, where they judge the best looking bike. Anyway, just after I took this picture they all mounted up and roared (heh heh) out of the Piazza.

Since I was snapping, I got a picture of the old dudes who play briscola (a card game), everyday. They are there all afternoon and right about 6:30 or 7:00 they head home to the wife or family. I always imagine the wife kicks them out every morning. As I have mentioned before, they take up table space, they never buy anything, AND they expect Bar Mary to provide the cards! It is tradition. It is repeated at Bars all across Italy every day. It is only at selected bars, maybe the oldest ones…As you can see the tables draw crowds of kibitzers. The games can get heated.

Meanwhile, during all this action at Bar Mary, over at Cafe Centrale, it is the quiet before the storm. One lone table of Spritz drinkers. This, being Saturday night, it is guaranteed to get busy soon. Cafe Centrale is party central.

Never a dull moment in the Big City! Buona domenica!

10 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday in the Big City

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Vian, no the noise doesn’t bother us. Last nights band was particularly loud though. We have very good windows which cut the noise way down and our room is on the back side of the house overlooking the river and the woods. It is the stairs that are prompting the move. 53 steps up to our house. Once here, it is the best place in the world. I will miss it greatly.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt, no I didn’t go down there. They were so colorful. The Vespa club is very active in Umbertide. They were all back this morning and just roared off to do Vespa things again!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Joann, thanks so much for the encouraging words. I’m glad You enjoy the posts.

  4. Vian Andrews

    We await the pics from the windows of your new house! These, as always, are fascinating, and provide a hint (noise) about what motivated the move.

  5. joanndegrande

    I so enjoy your posts…while I sit in the USA anxiously awaiting our departure for Italy in September, your lovely tidbits and views on daily life are energizing and help tide me over until I will be there experiencing it for myself. Grazie mille –

  6. Allen

    Love it when you catch people I know in your pics. Makes me feel closer. Gentleman in blue shirt watching the guy in red shirt is my good friend’s dad. Grazie!

  7. AnTonia Allegra

    Briscola! My grandmother from Ticino used to play Briscola and Canasta all weekend with her friends…And the men from Genoa played Mora…Happy memories! Thanks for your photos and story, Nancy!

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