Lovely first lunch out with friends

Well, today was our first foray out of our house with friends to actually eat at a RESTAURANT!! We went with friends to Calagrana who have a new menu and have their outside terraces open. It wasn’t really warm, but it was warm enough and it didn’t rain. I count that as a good day. Here are pictures of my food. I’m sure you’ve all missed seeing these 😁 ha ha!

First I had Chef Alberto’s tartar…it was piquant and perfect. This was a new dish.

Next I went with the cappelli di preti or priest’s hats. Bi-color pasta filled with goat cheese and ricotta in a butter sage sauce. Mmmm.

My dessert…

It was a good day. Piano, piano we slowly move forward… Stay safe everyone 🌈

8 thoughts on “Lovely first lunch out with friends

  1. eoinarmstrong

    Yum! We finally found a place over near us in Ireland which does brunches and lunches outdoors… will do one later in the week… other than that, we are a good month behind you here…

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh my gosh, I hope we meet someday! I love it you got one of our recycled bags. Too funny. It’s been quite the ordeal but I have to hand it to Ely at Calagrana, that girl can think outside of the box. I’ll miss our Friday dinners…hahaha. Enjoy our freedoms while it lasts! We shall meet one day.

  3. Anne Delano

    Hi Nancy,
    We haven’t met in person but I love your blog! My husband Paul and I have been eating the same menus from Calagrana that you have been eating through their lovely Friday take-aways. In fact one week we had a white bag with “Luther and Nancy” crossed out and our names added! We are all good about recycling the bags! We live out in the Niccone Valley near Preggio, we have some mutual friends and one day our paths may cross!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I love ramps! Never had them on pizza but I bet they’ll be good. Buon appetito!

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It was great. Except for how hard it was to dress to go out someplace…after so long I forgot how!

  6. Matthew Daub

    Looks great!! Barb is making pizza tonight with wild ramps from our property. Can’t wait.

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