Lunch with friends

Nowadays we are careful about getting together for just about anything. We have space on our terrazzo for only four to dine together. So I can only invite two at a time. Today was the second time since lockdown that we’ve had friends over for a meal. The weather couldn’t have been better. Sunny, breezy and the perfect temperature. I set our round table outside.

My menu was: Bruschetta with avocado, gazpacho with mozzarella, shrimp risotto, peach cobbler. Some pictures.

Stay safe everyone. Andrà tutti bene 🌈 And so it will. Ever hopeful.

12 thoughts on “Lunch with friends

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Dave. A BYO picnic sounds terrific. And in the park. As long as the weather is nice. I won’t eat inside yet, if I can help it. I don’t know what will happen in winter…

  2. Dave

    Here in NYC all the restaurant owners are pleading, during in some cases, to allow indoor dining in some capacity, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. The rest of the state is allowed reduced capacity indoor dining. I’m in no rush to dine indoors. We’re meeting another couple for a BYO picnic in central park on Sunday. Should be a beautiful weekend here in the big city.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Dave! No one is comfortable being inside anymore. Who knows what we will do in winter!😳

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We should! This time down in your area. We are away next week but after that, for sure!

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