Pigeon rescue

I think and hope I saved a pigeon today. I’m not a huge fan of pigeons. Messy dumb birds and we have so many they are a nuisance. But I just can’t let one starve to death while I watch. There’s a small window across from our living room in the Comune. It has been left open and pigeons are living in there. I’m sure it’s a disaster inside. It must be some sort of storage or utility area for them not to have noticed, even though the building is empty.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed someone had shut the window, but I saw they’d shut a pigeon inside. I gave her the name Pia. Her mate was outside and quite distraught. For a pigeon the stuckee was pretty. Almost totally snow white. I tried to find some help this morning, and finally in the end was knocking on the Comune door and hoping a caretaker or workman was inside. Irene, at Bar Mary called to me and I told her the problem. She called someone and they said they’d let her out. So I had my fingers crossed.
Good news. Later the window was open. I kind of wish they had shooed her out and re-closed the window. It’s got to be a disaster inside. And now all these pigeons are right back inside. 🙄 I’ll try to get a picture of Pia to post.

stay safe all…🌈 andrà tutto bene.

10 thoughts on “Pigeon rescue

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    🤣😁 thanks Mignon. I’m no fan but I’d never let a creature die if I could help. And yes…Pia…stay away from my terrazzo!! And please don’t get,locked in there again!

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Mara. I’m glad you like my journal of trivial things! I enjoy keeping it up. A lot of folks would like to be here now, and can’t come. I hope reading it brings you closer to Italia! I am a believer that things WILL be better.🌈

  3. Mara Alexandru

    Hi Nancy,
    I really enjoy your little blogs. They make me feel connected to Italy. We hope to travel there again and hopeful that we may make Italy our home in the next two years. 🙂 Tutto andra bene!

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