Market day – ho comprato i pantaloni!

Hi all, beautiful day. We are having near perfect weather and long summer days. What’s not to like.

I have been anxious to have our market back since last week I bought a pair of casual pants that it turned out I loved. They are nicely made. Not cheap.  I liked them so much and hoped she had more. Turns out, she had tons and I couldn’t decide amongst the colors and patterns so I bought 3. 🤪 they are cotton and nicely made with drawstrings, elastic and a nice inner sleeving of beige cotton canvas to hold the drawstring. The inside of the bottom of the leg has pretty eyelet lining and can be turned up. Nice and summery and casual. Right up my alley.

Tell me, does the pair on the left closest to us look like it’s got marijuana leaves on it? Haha haha! Brings back memories!

Governor Andrew Cuomo is on CNN right now. He’s talking about a quarantine plan for NY, NJ and Connecticut. They will require a 2 week quarantine for people coming from States with high virus infections. This is kind of amazing to me! 😳

From the Washington Post…

Even as Florida hospitals are rapidly filling up with a spiraling number of new infections, authorities have changed how they measure the number of beds being used in intensive care units that will likely lower the figure. The move comes as the state eyes the next phase of reopening in July.

I have decided not to weigh myself anymore. That way, I will never gain any weight. Well, true, right? If I don’t look, I don’t know, so it isn’t real. Sorta like testing for the virus. Or counting the beds differently to show lower numbers. Right?

News from the EU today is that the US will not be among the countries they will allow to come in on July 1. Any future date to reconsider is TBD. This is a baseline decree. Each country has their own last word.  The EU ruling is for all member states. I think a country can set a more stringent plan if they want. This will change when the US gets their virus house in order.

Stay safe everyone! 🌈

3 thoughts on “Market day – ho comprato i pantaloni!

  1. Audrey

    We call our Florida Governor, Ron DeVirus instead of DeSantis. He really refuses to help his constituents stay healthy. I get wanting to reopen. And ok, reopen. But make it mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. Though, I think people (by me at least), got nervous about the numbers last week. 3 weeks ago, when I went food shopping, Hubby and I were one of the few wearing a mask. When we went this Sunday, I’d say 75 to 80 % were wearing masks.
    My daughter was hoping to come to Italy end of Augst. She had no problem quarantining for 2 weeks. She figured she’d get an Airbnb for @ 6 weeks. She would work for the 1st 2 weeks (she can work anywhere with a decent internet connection) and then spend a month vacationing. Shes never been to the Amalfi Coast area. Now she cant make any plans. Shes like, Thanks Florida. I wonder if it makes a difference that she is a duel citizen? Probably not because she is still coming from the US.
    I’m glad things are getting better for you guys.

  2. liz kessell

    I think pot leaves are a little more spikey. I love the middle pair. I own a lot of striped clothing. My friend in New York City, who was born in France, wants to be in France for August. She wants us to take care of her cats in NYC. I am thinking that we will all be locked in. I guess time will tell. Patios and hair salons etc, open in Toronto today. Progress.

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