Meeting with our Geometra

This morning we had a meeting with Emanuelle and Antonio, his engineer. They first went up into the attic for him to check the roof. GREAT news, the roof is fine. That makes my day. Then they came down and did a lot of measuring on the patio and in the kitchen.

After Antonio left I worked with Emanuelle on the kitchen design. We came up with a very nice solution and I think I will be very happy with it. Now I need to go on the kitchen site and pick what cabinets I want. We also need to come up with a checklist of all the things we want done to include all outlets for lighting and plugs, etc.

This afternoon he will bring his electrician and plumber over to have a look at 4:30. Things are moving!

Today is Luther’s birthday. We had asked Susan and Gary to join us for lunch at an agriturismo called il Melograno about 30 minutes from here. The word means Pomegranate tree. They informed us that it was a prix fixe lunch which is fine but you know it would be multiple courses. It was good, if basic Umbrian food. To start we had a small plate of pearled faro in a donut shape. It was cool and lemony. Then an antipasti plate with so many things I can’t list them all. Some were french fries! rice ball, sweet cheese and nut ball, prosciutto, salami, small flat bread, tomato mozzarella in crunch cup with watercress, eggplant with roasted tomato – more that I can’t remember. Next was the primi or pasta course. It was ricotta stuffed ravioli with tomato sauce. Secondi was roasted pork tenderloin with salad and thin sliced sauteed potatoes. Tiramisu for dessert which only Gary had. It was good and tasty and very reasonable.

Sorry no pictures, forgot my camera!

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