Monday morning walk about

It was socked in with fog this morning, as is usual for this time of year. It was also the coldest it has been, 4C or 39F.

We tried to buy pellets for the stufa last week where we usually buy and they had none, and no idea when, or if, they would get any 🫤. So we bought two small bags at the grocery store when shopping. Those went into the hopper on the stove and I lit it up this morning. Nice and cozy. We need to do a recon to see if we can find any pellets anywhere. They seem to be a casualty of the Ukrainian war.

I busied myself making soup this morning for my lunches this week. Then I decided to go for a walk. It had warmed up and was sunny by 11:30. Beautiful day. Brilliant blue skies will get up into the 60s today. I had wanted to combine errands with my walk but forgot to bring my purse into which I had put everything I needed to get them done! Oh well, I made the most of the day and took a few photos. I will do captions.

This was near our trash receptacles. Inside a gate. There is a large bush loaded with these pristine white berries. I don’t know what it is.
The pretty red tree in the sunlight caught my eye, but then I noticed the phone booth. Ya don’t see one of these every day! But we still do here 🙂
Complete with functioning telephone…
This is Piazza Carlo Marx. Really. It is. And it is the street in front of our new apartment.
This will be our new place. Not the prettiest building. We will be the top two floors. You can see the terrazza on the top floor. It is a convenient location and only a 7 minute walk from the main Piazza in Centro.
For a small town like Umbertide, we have a very nice Cinema. This is just next to our new place.
I was on the way back and saw the pretty red vine on the bridge. It’s not a very good picture.
In Piazza 25 Aprile. It is laundry day. Some say these are the Italian flag 😁

Tomorrow we, and the buyers of our Casa in Centro will go to the Notaio to sign Powers of Attorney for the sale. It is a notable, if bittersweet for us, occasion.

10 thoughts on “Monday morning walk about

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Vian, for sure! Come and visit. Umbertide is not the most beautiful but it somehow grows on you. We love itand are glad we are staying.

  2. Vian Andrews

    One day Joan and I will have to come to Umbertide and do that walk with you. There is much more to be seen than a casual visit allows. We have just finished the olive harvest here – body aching from the work – but happy nonetheless. Be well!

  3. Nancy

    So happy you and Luther found a place you like, and a buyer. Congratulations tomorrow on the finalization. Totally understand the bittersweet in that. Thanks for sharing such a lovely day!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Allen, it’s on the bridge over the small torrente on the way into Piazza Matteotti. There are a few places around town with those vines. I call them Virginia Creepers…but not sure what they are called here.

  5. Allen

    The red vine pic you took was taken from in front of my great grandparents house as I think you know

  6. Matthew Daub

    Good morning, Nancy (afternoon for you)! Always so happy to get these NGTI posts. The little things of everyday life in Umbertide are so interesting to me.

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