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The Italian language never fails to surprise – and make me crazy. It makes me realize how descriptive English is. As in it has so many different and nuanced ways to use the language. Here, I have always been frustrated by the words hot and warm. In Italian if it is hot it is caldo, and if it is warm, it is caldo. Even worse the words niece, nephew and grandchild are ALL nipote. I just don’t get that! I wanted to say sibling today, so I looked it up. It was fratello. But , I said to myself, that’s the word for brother! So there is no distinction between brother and sibling. What about the girl siblings?
Now is the season of the red spiders. They are on all flat surfaces by the thousands. They are very small. The sun really brings them out. If you wear socks on the terrace the soles become red with squished spiders. It is impossible not to mash them. This is an annual occurrence. It doesn’t last long. Thankfully!

We just read that Italy will require all new construction, both public buildings and private homes, must include solar panels. I think this is such a good idea. It should be just part of the price of building.
This is also the time of May snow (neve a maggio)! One tree here lets loose its fluffy seed puffs into the air. It is so thick in the air it is just like snow. We are lucky to have installed screens in most of our windows. Italians don’t normally have screens. Our big picture window in the living room has no screen. It tips in so we can let in fresh air. But now we cannot open it. It actually will build up until you are wading through heaps of it on your floors. Below is the river, which has a lot of the fluff build up.

May in Umbria is interesting. 💕

13 thoughts on “More musings

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Well, the spiders aren’t just here. They are in most of Italy. It is just for a short time and they are gone. I don’t like spiders at all but these are so tiny, they aren’t threatening or scary.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi LeeRyan, Yes, well. Mostly it is great… but everywhere has something odd…these are ours!

  3. S. Warrender

    We’re still planning our retirement in Italy (1/2 the year). But the spiders might be a deal-breaker! Oh, I use the suffix -issimo too much – to many eye-rolls from the Italian friends.

  4. LeeRyan Coston

    Umbria is “interesting” in May. Hmmm, I remember once saying that a blind date was “interesting” LOL! Love the view!!

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Linsa, I’ve got so many covering a pretty big area I don’t think I could possibly spray it all!! 🙂 I’ll probably have to wait it out! Bentornato!

  6. Linsa

    Hi Nancy,
    We just returned yesterday to Umbertide and yes the little red pesky spiders are everywhere. I have found using equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle helps to keep them at bay.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, yes, you are so right. This one is amazing. The views, well what can I say? I wish we could have an elevator, we would stay for sure. But it is what it is… 😞

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Dotti, Yes I know sister is sorella but I don’t like it that siblings is fratello. Or brother. Glad you liked the little odd post. The spiders will be gone soon.

  9. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – Your last photo reminds me of what an amazing place you’ve got. It will be so difficult to find another apartment so wonderful! If only this one had an elevator….

  10. Dotti Harr

    I’m certain you’ve received many comments on sister in Italian is “sorella “ but oh my goodness the little red spiders! Yikes! However another good read! Grazie Mille

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