My trip to the Poste Italiane

I’ve begun a walking regime since my knee is still recovering and I figure walking will help both it, and the rest of me! So, sometimes I combine the walk with an errand or two I need to run. Today, I needed to visit the post office. Always a treat 😏. The following is the trip in photos.

Leaving Piazza Mattiotti in front of our house.

Our pretty river walk.

I pass by the main intersection in front of the Collegiata built in the 1400s

Via Garibaldi, one of the main shopping streets.

Train Station. I turn left here.

Viale Unita d’Italia. There is a Moroccan store here where I can find spices and sometimes Cilantro.

Arrived at the Poste Italiane. Ugly building!!

First you pick which thing you want to do and get a number.

Your number and window come up on the board.

020 – that’s me! Finito! Successfully mailed my package.

On towards home. This is Via Carlo Marx. Umbertide was reliably communist until recently.

Pass by the theater. They have English language films on Mondays or Thursdays. Mamma Mia!

Come to the fork between Viale Unita d’Italia and Via Roma. I’m heading down Via Roma on the right to home.

Via Roma.

Back to the Centro Storico!

Umbertide has everything we need. Some of it is not so pretty but it is functional unlike some of those pretty hill towns. They usually are all looks and no substance.

8 thoughts on “My trip to the Poste Italiane

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks, I want to try to give people an idea of what it’s like. People are always asking about it. Like “what do you do all day?” And really, after this long it becomes a bit routine. When I do something like this walk, it makes me pay more attention too!

  2. Maggie Gardiner

    Twenty years ago we lived for two consecutive summers in an old farmhouse above Santa Guiliana. I still make the Umbrian green minestrone served at a little restaurant in Umbertide across the square from the wall where the Germans shot suspected communists in the second world war. The restaurant was owned by a woman whose husband was one of those executed.

  3. Leslie Keller

    Nice walk through Umbertide. One of these days I need to come back and spend more time there. Leslie

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