New kitchen – post 6

Monday brought the builders back. The builders cover up the holes and the pipes that were left open or exposed by the plumber or electrician. The back wall by the window does look nicer now. And the holes along the wall are filled in. They left early today. Maybe to let it dry? Don’t know. Anyway, it looks a little more like a room and a little less like a bomb blew up here. Still plenty of rubble though.

2 thoughts on “New kitchen – post 6

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Lis, yes, one on each floor. Seems strange doesn’t it. And it’s a little hard to get my head around as well. It was just so hard to use the upstairs without a kitchen.

  2. Lisa Bernabovi

    Thanks for sharing, it is coming along nicely.
    Are you now going to have a kitchen on each floor?

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