Otto Cento 2022 — The finale

Saturday morning our normal kilometer zero market was in full swing. Luther was up at 2:30 AM and said the crowds were still out, mostly young people and most in costumes. We went to Montone for lunch with friends, which was nice, although it was a rainy day. We went to Erba Luna. First time in a few years. Still good.

Picture perfect Montone.

Back in Umbertide, the activities got started again at around 4 PM. The militia were out and making themselves heard! Shooting off their rifles, marching about, and charging across the piazza. I got this good action shot, even catching the fire coming out of the gun.

More soldier shots. The women seem to follow the soldiers. When they fell into formation and marched out, the women fell in right behind them. Camp followers? Wives? Not sure.

In the first picture here are a couple of the Briganti. In the next photo I liked the young man dressed in gray. Just random shots.

Amidst all of this hubbub there were three…THREE…weddings! Maybe bad timing. Maybe a memorable time? Depends I guess. I didn’t get pictures of them all. Just this one.

In the evening, I closed all the front windows to shut out the noise, and stayed away from all the action for most of the evening. During the night I checked whenever I got up. This picture is a little blurry, sorry, it is of the crowd at 1:30am. It looked like a mosh pit! The music and the loudspeaker talking stopped at 3am. The crowds slowly dispersed.

Sunday, domenica, dawned gray and socked in with fog. I looked out to see what mischief the Briganti had gotten up to after the crowds left. I decided to go down early and get some pictures before the day began. I have to hand it to the cleaning crews who come out as soon as things clear out, in the wee hours of three, four or five. Two street sweeper trucks and the big trash trucks. All the trash and mess is cleaned up and ready for a new day of festivities. First the town, quiet in the early morning after the parties.

The Briganti have erected their flag since they were the victors overnight. And I see they gave themselves 5,552 points on the scoreboard.

I took a tour of what the Briganti left for us. This group used to be very risqué, always doing something a little over the top crude. We have a new mayor. Maybe he told them to tone it down. The last two years it has been tame. Today I see they have set up a Briganti Pronto Soccorso for the casualties (emergency room). Typically there was a line of folks waiting to get in for treatment.

Accidents at work
This guy is the last in line, I guess he’s been waiting awhile.

I noticed, after I had dropped the trash off that I brought down…a little multi-tasking…that there was a car show starting up. I was a bit early, not a lot of cars had arrived yet, but I took pictures of the ones who had come. These are for you Matt 🙂. The first one is my favorite. I even went over, told him I was an American, and that I remembered that car! Bella machina!

The one below, is for Luther. Since we have a Porsche.

Well, the party’s over, it’s time to call it a day. My last Otto Cento from my ring-side seat. It’s been a good run. There are, and will be many ”lasts” for me. It is hard. But it is life, isn’t it? Time to move on.
So on a brighter note, we are off on a big Road Trip on Wednesday. Our house/cat sitters arrive tomorrow. We will pick them up at the train station in Terontola/Cortona. We are excited to meet them. We will try to show them all around our little town over the next couple of days and then we are off for places familiar from long ago. First stop Lago Maggiore in northern Italy, then an overnight in Interlaken Switzerland, next to the Alsace in France for 3 nights. Then south of Munich, then near Salzburg, then to Austria and finally an overnight in Slovenia and home. I will be doing a trip report in a couple of weeks.

Buona domenica a tutti!

8 thoughts on “Otto Cento 2022 — The finale

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi LeeRyan, sure I am always happy to meet friends that read this journal. Would you be coming to Umbertide? Do let me know. My email is nancy22314 at yahoo dot com. Easier to communicate that way.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louanne, the video still works for me. Not sure where your problem lies. I will miss our ring-side seat. But we have great windows so we can shut out the noise. It’s not bad here noise-wise

  3. Lee Ryan Coston

    I will be coming to Italy on October 17th and then staying for a month. My base camp will be in Chieti, Abruzzo.
    I should imagine that you get HUNDREDS of Americans who are interested in meeting up with you. However, if you’re not overwhelmed or a burden, I’d love to meet you…perhaps a Cappuccino and Cornetto at the local bar?

  4. Louann Chapman

    What a kick! You may miss the view out your window after you move, but likely will enjoy a bit quieter apartment. By the way, I wanted to show someone your video of the magnificent light show out your window but the video won’t play! Is it my end or did you take it down? thanks!

  5. Karen Pace

    Wonderful photos to show us your corner of the world, Nancy! Molto grazie! Love seeing a Mustang Fastback there. Wow! Guessing around 1968 or 1970 for that one. Every town has its fiercely proud traditions. I saw the Medieval parade in Città della Pieve in August for the first time, just a couple of hours south of you in Umbria. After they finish the 90-minute parade, with over 1000 townspeople dressed up in costumes that are made and kept in a town storage to be doled out every year (must be washed by previous users each year!) they have a FLOUR FIGHT in the main piazza! They toss paper bags of baking flour at each other, with 3 contradas participating. There’s no way to tell who wins, as the whole town centre and everyone walking around is covered in flour! We steered clear but watched from a distance. Then the town all marched to an outdoor stadium (tickets sold in advance) for jousting and medieval games and competitions between the 3 neighborhoods. So much fun! What a ringside seat you have to all of it! I hope you get a seat at the table next year to be able to participate as before.


  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Ah Matt, happy you liked the pictures! I’m sure there were more later that I didn’t see. Alas.

  7. Matthew Daub

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 8:15 AM, writing in our garden and this wonderful post arrives. I thought I was smiling enough, and then I get to the cars… Alfa Giulas and a Berlina, Fiats (including a Topolino!) a Lancia. You made my day Sistah!

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