Rainbow Saturday!

My friends alerted me that I should check out the sky. An amazing full double rainbow. Got my socks wet going out and taking photos!

Off to do marketing at the Saturday local market. Wet day but not raining right now. Pretty blue sky! The autumn veggies are gorgeous.

Soon this market will be sharing space with the town Christmas tree. I am excited the season is beginning.

Our new apartment is on Via Fratta. We still don’t have a firm closing date. We are still waiting for the estimate from the moving people. The way the apartment is set up we have the top two floors. Essentially all the necessary living space is on the 2nd floor. On this floor we will put all of our current furniture that we are bringing. This means we will have a living room, dining room, kitchen and office. The bedrooms will need new beds and one mattress which we will order once we have our dates. The top floor, which I want to make into a great room with open plan kitchen, will have almost no furniture. It will be unusable at first. I hope to hit the ground running to get a kitchen, appliances, and furniture. We will need some construction. A small wall needs removing and the services for the sink and stove will need to be relocated. That means we need to hire a Geometra to manage the construction and installation.

Today we took a trip to Divani & Divani to look at sofas for the great room. I am torn. I want to buy soon so we will have the furniture without having to wait too long in the new apartment. I also thought to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Today was the last day. But, I don’t have any measurements of the new space. Reluctantly I decided to wait. Next week we will make an appointment with our sellers to go see them with a bunch of questions. Also we will be able to take measurements. I think it is best to wait. I do know what I want to get now, so the trip was not wasted.
I forgot to mention we picked up our new olive oil Thursday from our friend Fabio who always comes to the Thanksgiving feast. He has around 250 trees and I always buy from him since he has consistently had great oil. I bought 15 liters, and 6 half liter bottles which will be gifts.

Buona Domenica a tutti!

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Saturday!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Janice. We live in the historic center of Umbertide. We love it but we have 53 steps to our fourth floor house. No elevator. Anyone who is retiring and intending to stay should take that into account. I have really bad knees and everything we buy has to be carried up. It will eventually be too much for us. One needs to keep that in mind when one buys. Anyway, we are moving just 7 minute walk from here and will have an elevator, two floor penthouse with really nice terrace. We can walk back. But I’ll miss my views from here, and being in the center. I’m not leaving Umbertide.

  2. janice gillies

    I’m enjoying your stories. I’m curious as to why you chose to move from such a lovely place? I tried to find the answer from previous updates, but was unable to understand why you are moving. Someday I hope to do the same!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Karen, the rainbow was amazing for sure. I love the produce in the market. It is not quiet winter produce. I still see zucchini and peppers. But not for long. My friend Fabio’s oil is fabulous!

  4. Karen Pace

    Absolutely beautiful double rainbow! You have the perfect vantage point to take the entire thing in! That never happens from the ground. You can never see the ends of it. Very cool photo! Love seeing the market photos. It makes me want to move there right away instead of in 4 years, to see fresh produce at the end of November! Fabulous! And your friend’s “Olivoil” brand name and design look great!

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Barbara, Umbertide has my heart! I too, am glad I will be staying here. I feel comfortable here. I will miss our present views, but the new place has a view of Monte Acuto. Not the river though. I love the river, and will miss it. Thanks for the nice words about the post.

  6. Royane Mosley

    Your photos are always so special, todays are fabulous. The rainbow the veggies, loving them all!

  7. Barbara Trovillo

    Nancy, I love reading your posts! This one, especially, makes me miss being there so much! Your present home is lovely. I know the new one will be too. Glad you all decided to stay in Umbertide. It is one of my favorite places. Saluti da Virginia!

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi John, they moved from their previous location. Just about a mile or two towards Foligno. I like their things, very beautiful and well made.

  9. John PALMROTH

    Nancy, happy to hear our old friends, Divani e Divani, are still there (near Bastia). Bought several pieces of furniture there back the early 2000’s.

  10. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Christy. I’m finally starting to turn toward the new place, and stop grieving the old place. I’ll miss it though.

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