Regional meal and…vaccine issues

Last post we said the doctor would call. Seems that has changed. The doctors revolted and said they couldn’t possibly call all of their patients. Now it seems that plan is scrapped and no one knows what will happen next. This may be good news for friends who don’t have the health card here. They had effectively been shut out but now who knows how we will get appointments?! Will they return to the online registration? Will they want us to sign up at the farmacia?

They can’t even decide on a place to give the vaccines here. First, I had heard the empty old renovated tobacco barn would be used for giving shots. Now that is not happening due to ventilation issues. Then they said the soccer field…but that’s not under cover. Che casino… Stay tuned!
Dinner last night courtesy of Calagrana Regional menus was very good.

And here is the meal….so yummy. The guinea hen (Faraona) leg was boned and stuffed. Wrapped in ham. Mmmm.

Today Italiano phrase. “Che casino” in English “what a mess” — One of my favorite sayings in Italian. Very useful. Pronounced kay casino. 

Stay safe all 🌈

8 thoughts on “Regional meal and…vaccine issues

  1. Tony Melançon

    Che casino indeed! While I’m looking at only 3 days of employment left, (3!!!) before I can say ‘retired’ and I’ve gotten the vaccines here in the US, I still can’t do what I want to do for who knows how long due to the delays in getting the vaccine out to the places I want to travel to like your beautiful little cittadina! Hang in there….we’ll all be celebrating in the piazza with a spritz soon.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes you were. Eventually we will be out of it. But every day I’m stuck in the house is a day I can’t do what I intended to do when retired. Wasting precious time.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes, much of the US is doing very well, and I’m happy about that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen things screwed up so badly as they are here.

  4. Laura R Tayloe

    Che casino indeed. My heart is with all of you in Italy. We were where you are now…and then we weren’t. Keep the faith.

  5. Steve Stamps

    So sorry to here about continued problems with vaccine. For all of our faults here in Miami, they really finally got going & now are begging people to get shots. Guess that’s a good problem.
    Good luck.

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Matt, thanks for your optimism…we can only wait and see…if it weren’t so important I wouldn’t care. But this time, it is very important to us all. We will keep eating well! 😁

  7. Matthew Daub

    So sorry for the chaos! It must be very frustrating, but Italy will probably get it together just as the US finally did. It’s little comfort while you’re going through it. At least you’re sated with good food while you’re waiting.

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