Revisiting Houses and Seeing New Ones – Day 7

We went to Bar Mary where we get a cappuccino every morning. It was Wednesday and the weekly Wednesday market was in full swing. It was a perfect sized market with vegetables, fruits, dried and fresh fish, cured meats, cheeses, bread, and flowers. On the other side of the town was the market with other kinds of goods like clothing etc.


We headed out over the mountains again. Did I mention it has rained EVERY day? It was very foggy in the mountains this time, making the trip slower.

We arrived in Paciano right on time. We visited the house we couldn’t get into the other day. It was a pretty nice place. Luther said if we’d seen it first we would have been wowed. It had two floors that would be separate apartments. They both had nice gardens and parking. Luther thought it would be very expensive to heat them. We marked this off of our list.


We wandered around Paciano. We peeked into the wine bar. There were a number of folks in there. At the bottom of town we checked out the Alimentari (small grocery). It was very small but had most everything you’d need. There was a butcher shop in the back and fresh vegetables. Next door was the second bar. It was also nice.

We walked up the hill and looked into the Pizzeria which was closed. There was also an appliance dealer with things like toasters, irons, etc.

We drove over to Panicale so Luther could gauge the distance for his jog. It wasn’t too hilly.

We met up with our agent and the owner of the house. We took some movies and pictures. We realized the rooms of this house were much smaller than we remembered. It does have a lot of outside space. There is a big balcony with a planter just off the kitchen which is nice. You could put tables and chairs there. Did I mention this house has screens? This is nearly unheard of in Italy or Europe for that  matter. But they are really nice to have. We still liked the house but it is very small.

We went into Castiglione for lunch where we had eaten before. It is in the center of town but the food is pretty good. I had a pasta with the lake fish. Luther had a Trasemino specialty of beans with fish (right up his alley). We had an appointment with Bob the Builder next.

We met up at Café Alise and we followed him to a property that was in the flat farm fields. It was very beautiful but needed total renovation. Turns out it had been sold but I took a picture.


Then we drove WAY out in the middle of what I would call nowhere. It was down a long dirt road. The house was not bad. It had 4 bedrooms and pretty good living spaces. It had a fenced yard and was surrounded by woods. It was not to our liking.


Lastly we went to a house that was essentially a shell. It was waiting for a buyer and then it would be finished to their specifications. Again, not what we were looking for. We always learn a little with every viewing so this was time well spent and we appreciate Bob’s time.

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