Umbertide after six during lockdown lite. Silent. Dark. Damp. The fog rolls in. Winter is nigh. Cold. Depressing. Winter. All our efforts were for naught. Sadly, the Covid cases in Italy rise exponentially. During our last lockdown it was the beginning of spring here. Each day grew longer, each day grew warmer. Things began to grow. It was so much easier to accept then. So much harder as we do the opposite. We head down that dark tunnel into winter.

Even in Umbria, we are now listed as one of the regions with the fastest growth. Umbertide, my small town, is showing 8-10 new cases a day. The hospital here is virtually shut down due to most of the staff testing positive for the virus. We fully expect a complete lockdown in the very near future. The numbers are out of control and drastic measures are necessary. So many have Covid fatigue. It is a worldwide phenomenon. I have it too. I am stoic about it. I can’t change it.

I also watch the disaster happening in the US. The daily new cases climbed above 100,000 yesterday for the first time. And yet, nothing is being done to slow it down. I read there were 30,000+ new cases and hundreds of deaths attributed to the maskless political rallies. It will grow and grow and spread and kill. I’m very sad for the US. At least, here there is an effort to slow things again. Sigh.

To bring things into focus for myself, I am trying to remember other times of troubles. I think of London during the Blitz. Years of bombing, sirens, taking shelter in the metro tunnels. Rationed food. Deprivation. Loss of life and loved ones. Their time of tribulation. Our time of tribulation is now. We must rise to it. It will pass.
I am sorry for such a downer post. I AM feeling a little down. Let’s hang together and work to last through this thing. We will have a vaccine sometime. And always remember … Andrà tutto bene.🌈

20 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks is good to know there is company in this mess we have. Crossing fingers toes, arms and legs for good outcome after today…

  2. Tracy L

    No need to apologize. We are all in unchartered territory and turning clocks back, seeing more darkness, having winter approaching and just unsettling political times are taking a toll on us all. We are in this together. Thank you for your blog and being real. We are out here!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I’m so sad about the denial that is rampant. But what can we do? Just be super careful there and we WILL get through this.

  4. Debbie Shoulders

    It is indeed a sad (and scary) time. Despite the numbers increasing to an all time high where I live, crowds are flocking to restaurants and events like normal. I am outraged that people can not accept that the fight requires deprivations like those during times of war. Sometimes you just have to state the truth. But Umbertide is still a special place even in these times. I look so forward to your posts since I can’t be there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Antonia Allegra

    Grazie tanto, cara Nancy. So, e dificile qui in U.S. con il climate changes, e le cose politici.
    Siempre positive, Antonia Allegra

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Casey, yes locked up is our only defense right now…until we get a vaccine. And like last time in lockdown, I’ve just got to make a plan for my days. We are all in it together and so we keep on going…stay safe and be careful.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thank you my friend Matthew. I am glad you didn’t mind my letting how I feel come out. I know we all are feeling this way right now to some extent. we’ve just got to make a plan to get through it. Stay safe…be careful.

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Margaret. It is much worse here now than last time. I didn’t feel in danger then…little different now. And yes, a good outcome from the election would help. Don’t want to consider the alternative😬 Be careful.

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We all do have to hang in together, if apart. And a ray of hope would be a Biden win, even better, plus the Senate. It will be like last lockdown. I just have to make a plan. We can do this!

  10. Casey Carter

    Locked up seems to be the only protection we have.
    Thanks for your insight to life in Italy.

  11. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – So sorry to hear this very sad news, but glad you’ve shared it. It’s still possible to stay safe, but we have to be reclusive. It WILL be over one day. Best to you!

  12. Margaret Rosen McGarrell

    It’s so OK to be sad, Nancy and I’m sad along with you. Holding your hand as our beloved Umbertide feels the brunt of COVID-19 ~ again! Here in the USA we do have hope.. The election! But yes, for now it’s a frightful mess!

    Stammi bene carissima!

  13. Joanne Qualey

    Oh Nancy! I think we are all feeling it. I certainly am. Been thinking what I can do to keep myself going – exercise tapes, a knitting project, walk the yard twice a day!! Nothing exciting but at least something. So hard to get motivated! I see the numbers in Italy and shudder. We somehow need to hang together, even if only from a distance.😘

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