Umbertide Sale is FINAL!

Hi everyone! Today I got a congratulatory email from our agent, Jim. He said we are now the owners of Via Grilli 5 in Umbertide Umbria, Italy! So excited. Right away I printed out the COMPRAVENDITA REPUBBLICA ITALIANA or the final sale agreement. I wish I could have attended the closing. I heard it is not to be missed. Lots of stamping, and reading out loud all the documents in both languages. Sounds very Italian to me!

We have an appointment at the Italian Embassy next week on Wednesday where we will again present our documents, this time with the proof we own a home in Italy.

After the sale we had our agent let the seller know we would buy 3 of her furniture items she offered for sale but at a much reduced price that she asked. We shall see if she accepts. If not we’ll just go to IKEA in Ancona. We would have to go there anyway to get many other items we will need.

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