Shelves, sofa, things!

My cabinetmaker Paolo, works slowly. I’m not in a big hurry. It is a good thing I’m not because it has taken since February so far! He finally finished two of the three things I had asked him to make. I just went and looked and it doesn’t seem I took pictures of the supports for some shelves the sellers left sticking out of a wall when they removed, and took the shelves. These supports are iron and embedded into the building so they couldn’t easily be removed. They were also ugly. If I were the sellers and had shelves custom made to fit onto these supports I – Would. Not. Have. Taken. Them! But that’s just me. So, of necessity I needed to replace those shelves. They had to be thick because the supports actually insert into them. Paolo finished these shelves last week and installed them. I also replaced some other shelves the sellers took in a small space. It is a good place to store things. Kind of a pantry. One thing remains to be finished by Paolo, a custom built corner cupboard in the hall from the front door. He says he will be finished by next week with this piece.

I really don’t have enough “stuff” yet. I suppose over time they will fill up.
The space is narrow, but still works as a pantry.

A woman who lives just outside of Umbertide is downsizing at her house. She advertised some things and I bought a few. I can use the crocks and urns for flowers if I want, and they are pretty. I still need some decorative things especially for my bookshelves. I paid her a visit today. Their house has a spectacular view. They are up in the hills to the west of Umbertide. The view is of the entire city and also our big Monte Acuto and other big mountains to the east. I just learned the old name for the big mountain is Montaguto. Aguto is an archaic way to say acute just like Acuto. Here is their view. They lived here for 25 years and have now moved back to the US – Maryland. They return here twice a year. She says less stuff is better when they aren’t there all the time. Here is the view. Click for larger picture. You can see it better.

I bought a pretty group of hooks for coats with grapes. I didn’t get a picture. I still have to mount it. I also got two antique crocks (American). I had some back home. They are very useful as well as pretty. One of these will hold my utensils in my new kitchen, if ever I get one!

The others are purely decorative. She said they were Egyptian.

Finally, after many delays, we got our outside sofa. First I received an email saying delivery would be between such and such date and such and such date. A week in duration. Well that came and went. So I got a phone call. They would come Monday. Monday came and went. No sofa. Another call on Tuesday. They would come Wednesday. Sigh. Well, a guy did show up all by himself. I had paid for delivery a casa, and assembly. Riiiiggghhhttt. I asked him why there weren’t two people. He shrugged and said “it’’s Italia”. He said if he complained he wouldn’t have a job. Poor guy was so sweet. He was apologetic he couldn’t assemble it. But he did take it out of the huge box and brought it up piece by piece. Watdaya do? So we spent some of our anniversary and the day after assembling the sofa. Picture.

I like it a lot, which is good! And it will be nice to watch the sunset. It faces west. Speaking of anniversaries. June 21 is a special day. First, it is the Summer Solstice, happy holiday to all the Druids and Pagans out there! And for us, it is our wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to us! Finally for me, I retired 10 years ago on June 21. Never a better decision was made. 💕

I also had an excellent adventure yesterday but I will save that for a future post. Ciao for now!

18 thoughts on “Shelves, sofa, things!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nancy, I know, I would never say I need more stuff normally! But this place is a barn! The things this lady is selling are very beautiful and exactly what I like, so 🤷‍♀️

  2. Nancy

    Happy anniversary! It’s highly unusual to hear anyone say “I need more stuff!” That sofa is gorgeous!!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Karen, thanks for the complementi. I decided to go back again and buy two more things. I guess she’s been collecting stuff for years. She has a lot of Egyptian things so I assume she lived there once. I don’t think they rent it when they aren’t there.

    Anyway, I’m buying a grape harvest basket and a bread rising trough hand carved of wood. All these things are really nice. I would have bought them back in the US when I had more stuff. It’s exactly the sort of thing I have always loved. I haven’t bought much here because the other house was small and I didn’t want too much clutter. This one is big and empty and needs a little clutter! 😁

  4. Karen Pace

    The couch is beautiful! The terrace is beautiful! The shelves all look great! Good use of space as a pantry. Love the vases and jugs! And what a view from your friend’s place. Wow! If they need someone to rent it the other ten months of the year, let’s TAWK! =)

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Nina, you’re right! I will fill those shelves! Buying two more things from here next week. But probably not for the shelves. Next year I plan to return to the US and empty my storage unit. Lots of stuff in there including books.

  6. Nina Lentini

    Happy anniversary! I thought of you, Nancy, when I saw the woman had advertised things for sale in Umbertide. Glad you found some things. Nature abhors a vacuum; your shelves will eventually overflow!

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louann, yes, it is hard for Americans to understand the completely different mindset of Italians. In America it is all about the bottom line. Money, how much you’re making, how much you’ve got. In Italy wealth is in your network. Who you know, who owes who what. Who your family is. That’s the power here. So they don’t CARE about making money. They don’t need to. That’s why they don’t show up, don’t keep appointments. You just gotta get used to it. It is Italy.

  8. Louann chapman

    Lovely that your new place is coming together regardless of how slowly. Ha! That definitely is Italia!! We had a round antique table with a beautiful carved marble top. One of 3 legs collapsed and the marble fell to the floor and shattered in several pieces! Arranged at our local stone shop for a new marble top to replace it. First, 3 days. Next a week, next 2 weeks more, and the last time we asked it would be “next week”. We quit asking and cancelled our order 3 months later when we left to go back to the States!!😂🤣
    They just don’t seem to care if they get business or not. So many shops are like this. Almost like you are a bother rather than a customer🥴

  9. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thank You Carlo! I do love summer. It’s staying very cool inside. The terrace is really hot in the sun. Not too bad in the shade. But still this is our hottest day yet.

  10. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Liz, just say the word and you’re welcome to come visit! The place is pretty large but now it’s getting furniture it least it no longer echos! Hahaha. Rocky loves the new sofa. And you’ll be surprised and pleased (as we certainly are) it is staying quite cool in here. Outside on the terrace it’s hot.

  11. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Dotti! Glad you enjoy it. assembling a sofa is a real fun thing to do on your anniversary, take it from me!

  12. Carlo

    Beautiful sofa, beautiful pots, smart looking shelves! Happy Anniversaries (marriage and retirement)! And, may you have the best Summer ever!

  13. liz

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. You two are such a great couple. Looking forward to getting together and seeing you both in your new home. Hopefully in the not too distant future. Love the pots and the new couch. Just need to see the boyz stretched out on it. (You place seems HUGE)

  14. Matthew Daub

    Well, at least the former owners will have to find a way to get rid of the shelves they have absolutely no use for – DIY Karma!! It’s great fun watching your new digs come together – Thanks for sharing!

  15. Dotti Harr

    Happy Anniversary! I simply love your site! I live vicariously through your journey and a beautiful journey it is. The sofa and shelving are wonderful. You both did a fantastic job assembling it!

    Dotti Harr

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