Shipment is gone!

We finally finished packing our UPak cubes and following all the instructions got them wrapped, strapped, stickered and ready to go!

Friday the UPak people picked them up at our house and they are on their way. In 4 to 6 weeks they should arrive.
I have arranged to have them unpacked remotely from our apartment and loaded into a van and then the team of movers will take them to our apartment.

SO final steps. Our nephew Dave and his girlfriend Shira came by yesterday and packed up what they want to take. Their moving truck comes Monday afternoon. Then the house will be empty except for a couple of boxes and some carpet that goes to the storage unit.

We have an appointment Monday afternoon at our Vet to get the cats checked over and the Italian forms filled out. This must be done no more than 10 days before departure.

We go to Settlement on the house on Tuesday morning. Then we have to pack up our enormous suitcases along with the cats and head to my sister’s house at the Wintergreen resort until Sunday.

Finally we sell our car Monday and and fly out Tuesday.

Next thing for me to worry about is getting us and our cats through TSA. I will report back once it’s done. We have purchased little harnesses and leashes so they can’t get away in the terminal.

2 thoughts on “Shipment is gone!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nancy, The chronical is long! and hard to read since its bottom to top. But thats how the wordpress software made it. I hope you enjoy the read and my email is on the contact page is you’d like to write directly.

    As for packing in the cubes – I couldn’t pack furniture, so I packed my dishware, serving dishes, measuring cups, dishtowels (the ones here are crappy) all my linens, duvets, pillows, some framed art, a few pots and pans, all our shoes and winter clothes. Some, but not many books that were special. I threw out all the DVD jewel boxes and put the disks in a folder type storage thing and brought that, also, some CDs. alot of spices and things that I like to cook and are special to the US. Like Carolina Rice, and Corn Pozole, some cans of Hominy, chipotle in adobo, File gumbo. The dishware, pots and pans etc can of course be bought here but I had the room so I sent it. WHatever I could fit! It is hard to downsize so completely. I did leave my best stuff, china, silver, good art, etc in a storage facility. Now I am sorry I did that. I’m having to figure out how to empty it. And whether to send any of it over. So think hard about that if you consider it. Depends on your long-term plan.

  2. Nancy

    Nancy! Just now beiginning my chronological reading of your adventure! Wonderful reading. We are contemplating a move to Italy. What did you pack in those cubes?? I don’t even know where to begin I deciding what to take and what to buy there! Ciao!

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