Slow Friday

Today was kind of a slow day. We drove back down to the big Coop that Susan and Gary took us to in the mall and I took my time going through the store. It has a much bigger selection than the Umbertide one and kind of reminds me of the Wegman type store in Virginia. It was probably that big. Here’s a picture of the mall.


And here are the whole proscuiti in the store.


I found some products I wanted to try like cinghale ragu in a jar. Also found chicken broth which none of the stores in Umbertide had.

We came back home and I asked Luther to drive into the fields outside of town so I could take some pictures of the girasoli or sunflowers. They are in massive fields and in full bloom right now. Here are some pictures.



After we schlepped all that stuff up to the apartment we went across the river to Pizzeria Pomarancio. It has such a pretty back deck overlooking the town and the river and on a pretty day like today it is really nice to eat out there. Here are some pictures. The top is the town from the terrace. The bottom one is one of the fishermen. They are having a big tournament right now and there are tons of fishermen with all their spectacular (and I’m sure expensive) gear.



2 thoughts on “Slow Friday

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Leah, It is awfully complicated to move and live here. You’ve got to really want to! The sunflowers here are one of the big crops so it is beautiful in June. I love Girasole too!

  2. Leah

    Hi Nancy,
    I’ve really been enjoying your blog. It seems very complicated and such a lot of paperwork to move to Italy. You are very adventurous. This post made me think of a painting I did of a sunflower field a few months ago. I used a reference I had taken a couple of years ago in Tuscany but added the sunflowers just because I like them so much.

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