Soggiornante di Lungo Periodo UE

Well, folks, it finally happened. The loooong saga of obtaining our long term Permit to Stay, good for more than a year is at an end. If you’ve been reading this a while you’ll know how long we have been working towards getting this Permesso. This one is good for ten years. I’ll probably be dead by then.

A person is allowed to apply for this after five years of residency. We have been here almost nine years. The reason we are late in getting this was mainly due to Covid. We applied three years ago but we didn’t have all our paperwork. Then we applied again in March 2022. We were told we needed additional documents which we provided to them in July 2022. So today, ten months later we finally got the cards. We, of course we’re not sure it WOULD actually be a long term card. When Luther looked at the date (he got his card before me) he told me it expired 2032. I was stupidly happy.

It is finally the end of the annual rigamarol of renewing, paying, getting to see the Questura for fingerprints and then waiting months for the cards. Meanwhile our old cards were expired meaning we always had to worry about traveling on them. As of today we are finished with this. Such a relief. I wanted all my friends here to know the end of the story.

44 thoughts on “Soggiornante di Lungo Periodo UE

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Valerie, we came on the ER Visa. It is such an amazingly freeing thing. I feel lighter than air! I am savoring it big time.

  2. Dotti Harr

    Yay! I love your tales! I live through them!👏🏽👏🏽 Congratulazioni a te e Luther!🥂

  3. Valerie

    How wonderful! congratulations! May I ask what type of visa did you originally have when you entered the country? Was it a work related visa, an elective residency visa, etc ? Again…savor this moment of success…cheers! 🍷 Valerie

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Leslee – I covered up the number of the PdS and my birthdate. Everyone knows my sex and nationality. And I dot think the expiration date is important. I understand your concern though! I tried to be safe.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Jane, here is a list of what we turned in. The extra stuff was the Certificato di Agibilità, the A2 language test certificate, Police Report (il certificato casellario giudiziale), Certificato Contestuale and Copies of all Italian tax returns
    Copies of Passport
    Copies of current PdS, Carta l’identità, Tessera Sanitaria
    Copies of house papers and Certificato di Agibilità
    Financial statements – social security, annuities, IRAs
    Papers complying with citizen agreement (A2 exam)
    Police Report (il certificato casellario giudiziale)
    Certificato Contestuale
    Copies of Italian tax returns
    Copies of old PdS cards

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    We have already begun the celebrations today Karen! We had lunch with good friends and we did a few toasts to our new PdS and our friend passed the Italian drivers license test. Another BIG deal.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Yes Julie! It so so freeing! I’m pinching myself. And I was ready to lawyer up if they wouldn’t give it to us. Thankfully, they had no reason to deny us. 😄

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Joanne. Finalmente! It’s great to no longer have to worry about travel

  9. Leslee

    Nancy, your card contains a lot of personal information. Perhaps you should cover numbers etc. Bad guys are on the internet. Congratulations.

  10. Jane

    Hi Nancy, congratulations! What documents beyond the ones we need for the yearly permesso renewal are needed?

  11. Catherine Rowley

    What a relief – your days will be lighter!! Congratulations – you MUST celebrate; ‘pazienza’ pays off!!

  12. Karen

    Congratulations, Nancy and Luther!!! It was worth all of the rigamarole for 9 years, to jump through the bureaucratic hoops. And now you’re good for ten years!!!! Fantastic! Woo hoo! I hope you have a celebratory dinner or drink planned.

  13. Julie Wade

    Congratulations Nancy this is huuuge must feel like winning the lottery! After all their talk that you were not eligible you showed how wrong they were. Gives the rest of us so much confidence, I will be applying next year.
    Enjoy the weekend and celebrate.

  14. Lindsay Dennison

    Well done ! perseverance and dogged determination clearly the name of the game.
    Ten years ? God willing you’ll still be posting with considerable wit and verve.

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