Step 2 — packing — Imballaggio

Today was a vile day. Snow and rain and cold. But I do admit it was kinda pretty. Not the best day for moving out though!

We got up early to go meet up with the movers. I had a few things to do that I thought of while I was supposed to be sleeping last night — I always do that 😑 They arrived on the dot and began packing. We made ourselves available for any questions they might have and hung around until they were nearly done. Walking back to our rental was disgusting.

Our agent, Jim, will do the closing for us. That is at 3:30 and it usually lasts an hour or two. Then we get the keys. That should be significant! We meet up tomorrow at eight for the removal of the household goods from the apartment which will be Step 3.

4 thoughts on “Step 2 — packing — Imballaggio

  1. Noel

    Wow. Your packing job is amazing – everything all wrapped up and tidy! For a couple planning to move to Italy, we so appreciate your detailed accounts of some of the more mundane aspects of living there. After all, that is reality.

  2. Matthew Daub

    Hi Nancy – The view out our window here in Pennsylvania this morning looks just like Umbertide! Cold rain and big wet flakes of snow. Sort of a fitting day to accompany your move. Wishing you both godspeed and that the new place will bring you as much joy and comfort as the one you’re leaving. Best!!

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