Summertime perfection

The weather has turned perfect after the heat wave. Highs in the low 90s – 33C here. Breezy and low humidity. Last night we had the most spectacular sunset which I want to share. No enhancements, all natural.

Now that the heat has broken it is not so bad to cook so I have been cooking some. Nothing heavy. Last night a tuna salad stuffed tomato. Not cooked obviously. Quite nice, and as a side we had friggitelli, small green peppers which we fry and eat as a side or antipasto. Last year we grew to love these in Spain as tapas. I was thrilled to find them here too.

Last night, a shrimp dish. Hot honey shrimp on summer slaw. It was nice but next time I’ll be adding something spicy, like a sliced jalapeño.

How does my garden grow? You ask? The tomato plants are ENORMOUS and I’m excited to see our first ripening tomato!!

Can’t wait to try it! Happy summertime a tutti!

6 thoughts on “Summertime perfection

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Ashley, the word prawns is used in the US too. Here they are gamberi. We love them too. They are very versatile. We are huge spice fans. I grow hot peppers here on the terrace. I have grown all kinds of hot peppers but my favorites are Jalapeños. My one plant I have now is producing like crazy. I freeze them. If you chop while still frozen they work well all winter. I cook Thai, Mexican and Indian for spicy things. We have been to the golden saloon many times. Luther likes it. I don’t like their Roman style crust, like a cracker. I like Neapolitan pizza with a bit more body, thicker crust and bread taste. My favorite is Degusto. It is beside the Swimming pool.

  2. Ashley

    Nancy that looks so yummy ! We love prawns or shrimp as you call them. I’m pleased to hear you also like spicy things. Adu loves jalapeños and chilli and it’s the one thing we found lacking in a lot of our European travels at restaurants. Of course you can make spicy food at home.
    Interestingly the most spicy pizza he had was at the Golden Saloon where I also loved my Pizza Mare. I know you mentioned pizza in another post. Have you tried the Golden Saloon?

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt, thank you for the compliment! And yes, the friggitelli are small and more an appetizer than anything. They are also not hot but mild. As I said in the post, they are a staple at Spanish tapas restaurants and called Padron peppers. I’ll take a photo of mine next time.

  4. Matthew Daub

    Nancy, Your food always looks just as good as the restaurants you visit! Here on the East Coast US we see small peppers served and prepared as you describe. They call them shoshitos. Very mild and served as an appetizer.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Sandi, I think poblanos are much larger than friggitelli. It would make a difference I think. All I do is sauté them for only a few minutes in oil with plenty of salt. Super easy and you just pop those babies in your mouth whole. Yum. I’ll email you our dates.

  6. Sandi

    Hi Nancy,
    This all looks scrumptious! When we were in Italy last September, we had the fried peppers and I fell in love. We don’t have the same peppers here in France, but I think poblanos are a good substitute. I tried them but they didn’t have the deep, delicious flavor that we found at the restaurant. Is there a trick you can share?
    We’re still sorry we won’t be seeing you when you are in Rouen. Some of our plans have changed, but I can’t remember your dates. Could you send them again?
    xxx Sandi

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