Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 was a far cry from Thanksgiving 2020. Then, we were headed into a long, strict lockdown. No gatherings were allowed. So it was especially joyful today, to spend a day with friends having a scrumptious pranzo, and giving thanks. Calagrana had sent out a Thanksgiving menu invitation for Pranzo today. Susan and Gary decided to host a table of nine, of which we were two. There were six Americans and three Italians. A nice mix of the two languages.

In the restaurant there were several other tables. A table of seven Americans who we didn’t know next to us. A table of six, four which were friends. Two Americans and two British. Then another table of four which we knew, some Americans and some British. And finally a table of two British who we didn’t know. On the way out I wished the table of seven next to us happy Thanksgiving. They were visiting here and had rented a villa. There were the matriarch and four daughters and two spouses. They were from Portland Oregon, Sacramento and New Jersey. I think they said they were here for a couple months until January. Our meal started with appetizers, four types, an egg roll with dates inside, cheese, sausage rolls, and fried shrimp. Then we had spiced pumpkin soup. Yummy.

Then the main course. Of course Turkey! And a whopper, a 38.4 pound Tom turkey. Here, there are female turkeys which weigh minimum 15 pounds. And male turkeys which start at about 33 pounds.

Sides and sauces. A really good cold green bean salad in a slightly vinegary sauce and toasted sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Cranberry sauce is not possible here so we had a sauce of sweeter berries. Brussels sprouts.

Dessert was a apple plum tart. Everything was scrumptious. The company was fun and warm and it was such a pleasure to be, once again, sharing a holiday with friends. Two years is a long time to be bereft of friends and family. Speaking of which, I called my sister when I got home. I miss being with her a lot. Especially on holidays like this one. FaceTime is nice but not quite the same 🥺.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2021

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh! Sorry I got some things wrong! So no one is from NJ? But some are from SF? Got it! Yes Covid certainly got in the wayof so many trips. I hope your Mom is enjoying her time here with you all. Did you get any snow today? If you’re up high I should think you would. You have a lovely family and I’m so happy you are enjoying such a nice long stay here. Umbertide will be getting their Christmas tree probably this week. And on the 8th (which is a holiday – l’imocolatta) they will light it and Father Christmas will be here, Babbo Natale! Fun! It all happens around 5pm that day. Buon Natale!

  2. Karen Castagnera

    we all retired within the last couple years and planned our trip for at least 3 years (covid delayed our arrival by a year) and we are here for 3 months (and some of us are from San Francisco area not new jersey) . Thanks for the lovely description of our family (I had the matriarch read the blog post 🙂 and she too enjoyed it! )

  3. Wendy

    Happy Thanksgiving!! I’m definitely missing family a lot this time of year too, but at the very least we’ve got video chats. I hope to meet you and Luther, it seems we cross paths often, but have yet to officially meet! Baci

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Joanne, I was happy to see you walking so well. I have to count today as one of my favorite thanksgivings in my life! I alway like to document my experiences because I will forget otherwise. 😁 hence the blog. Happy thanksgiving friend!

  5. Joanne Qualey

    Lovely meal and celebration today at Calagrana! Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy, and thanks for this summary and pictures😃

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Paul, DC, my hometown. Thanks Andy I hope your Turkey day was fine! The food for ours was great.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Christy,
    She was quite old and in a wheelchair. Everyone helped her. She was so obviously thrilled to be there with her family. I don’t know how they get off work for so long 🧐

  8. Christy White

    I enjoyed your post, Nancy! Intriguing about the “matriarch”—(great, perfect word). I wonder how these Americans get away from work for two months… I’m trying to figure it out! The description of your party is wonderful.

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