The 2016 marriage season has begun!

Last week we saw our first wedding of the 2016 season in the piazza. This little girl was so cute.

Some of the guests. These Italian men are perfetto! Don’t you love the artfully untucked shirts? Cigarettes and sunglasses are the finishing touch. Italian men wear blazers with jeans all the time.


There seemed to be a big Muslim group of guests.



And finally the bride. That must be the Mamma fixing her hair.

Later that day the Vespa Club had a rally. Actually it went on all weekend but this day was a slo-mo motorcross or something. They went v-e-r-y slowly through the course.


The piazza festivities have begun!

3 thoughts on “The 2016 marriage season has begun!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Oh yes! Always exciting. I love summer here. Are you visiting soon? Let me know, we could meet up.

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