The fruits of our labor

We were given six liters of olio nuovo yesterday by our friends Joanne and Mark 🙂. It is a portion of the oil produced from our harvesting effort on Friday. They told us the yield was low but the quality is good.

Look how pretty this is! So green! We just had some bread dipped into the oil today. Bruschetta perhaps tomorrow. The flavor is wonderful. Grassy and peppery and slightly bitter. It will smooth out as it sits but I just love the new oil for its brashness. You can only get it like this one time a year so it is very special.

Stay safe everyone. Andrà tutto bene 🌈

2 thoughts on “The fruits of our labor

  1. Allisa Imming

    Ooooh! That looks delicious! Very kind of your friends to share so generously.
    We are thinking of you all here in WA. This election is killing us!

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