Today we had our first shot of the Corona Virus vaccine. AstraZenica. It was pretty anti-climactic. But it’s done. Next appointment July 13 for second shot.

An article in The NY Times yesterday, and subsequent news broadcasts have said the EU is opening for tourism from the US and other non-EU countries. Thing is, this is by no means sure and it is misleading. The EU and US are “talking”. Everyone agrees there should be some way to prove you have had the vaccine or have had the disease, like a passport. Thing is no one has one of these yet. So it’s not like the EU is opening up immediately. Another thing is that Italy makes its own rules. It doesn’t have to follow the EU in opening up. And they reassess every couple of weeks. Right now no tourism allowed. In May they will reassess.

Since this is my blog, I get to say how I feel about all this. Italy has vaccinated just 14% of its population, mostly older than 70. Italy opened up its internal borders just YESTERDAY to Italians. There is still a curfew. We have just yesterday been allowed to leave our home town for the first time in FOUR MONTHS. No one who’s been through this wants it all to be for naught. Including me. The arguments I’ve seen mostly range around the vaccinated being not dangerous and should be allowed in. But if you extrapolate that into what goes into taking care of that influx you realize all the younger service workers who will be taking care of them will NOT have been vaccinated. And they will be working together in close quarters and they will inevitably spread the virus among our vulnerable, unvaccinated populace. Then we will have to go back into lockdown.

This, of course, assumes Italy will open up — and no one knows or can predict that. I think they should let us be zone yellow and let the people who live here travel, and let them open up the restaurants and bars and see how it goes…then, as Italy continues to vaccinate and can catch up they can open more fully.

So. That’s how I feel. I realize there is a lot of pent up demand to come. I just think it’s prudent to wait. I’m betting on late summer and fall. And that’s not long!
Phrase of the day…”domani è il giorno di mercato” English “tomorrow is market day”. Pronounced doe-mah-nee ay gee-oar-no dee mer-cah-toe.
Stay safe and well…🌈

20 thoughts on “V-day

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi James, Yes, I get where you’re coming from. I hear from and read about the pent up desire to come here everyday. I don’t know what will happen and you could very well be right. We need more vaccinations…without that we won’t ever going to get out of this mess.

  2. James Lupori

    Hi Nancy, it’s great you got your first dose!!!
    Now, regarding the throngs of visitors coming here, this is utter nonsense. In fact, we believe we’re in for yet another lock-down in about 1 month after this (premature) reopening. As much as we like being free to leave Foligno, far too few Italians have been vaccinated and I’m afraid people simply lack the discipline to keep the infection rates down.
    So, we are getting a few things done that have been put on hold for a long time and we’re preparing ourselves for the next lock down.

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Me too Matt. But there is a LOT of pressure to open because of the economic situation here. It’s pretty bad…I get it but health is important too…I guess it’s above my pay scale 😐

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I know Jane. There is such pent up demand I can just feel the tension! Like a dam ready to burst…piano, piano as they say here…slowly slowly. Italy will be so much nicer when the restrictions are gone too 🙂

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    No Nina, I’m also betting on the fall. And the experience will be so much better for the wait.

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thank you Kathleen. I really appreciate that people understand and are willing to wait just a little longer…andrà tutto bene!

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Royane. I hope you and Ric can get here in the fall as you have planned. I think by then Italy will be ready.

  8. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Thanks Laura. I think 2022 will be a so much better experience. And it won’t be so fluid and unpredictable. We are glad we got our first shot for sure. And enjoy your family trip.

  9. Jane Applegate

    I know you are right, Nancy… but I’m ready to pack my bags. I’ve even been thinking about Istria. Have you been to Rovigno? Maybe I could just go there and wait…. 😉 😆

  10. nina9153

    I agree with you, Nancy. No one there wants to go backwards, again.

    I’m betting on September and hoping to find a place in Bari for a month or two!


    Very well said Nancy. I miss Italy so much but I am willing to wait until it is safe for everyone

  12. royane mosley

    excellent bog Nancy and I wholey agree with your assesment and the best way to proceed towards reopening. I hope this is what happens.

  13. Laura R Tayloe

    I am so with you on this Nancy. We are waiting until Summer 2022 when hopefully most Italians and Americans living in Italy are vaccinated. It makes no sense for any European country to open this summer, and I feel for all of you, if that will not be the case. Congratulations on your vaccine. It has been somewhat liberating to have both vaccines but the troubles with anti maskers and anti vaxers here in the USA are still prevalent.

  14. Audrey

    1. Congrats on getting the vaccine!! Its such a relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t it? My daughters boyfriend, from Ireland, got the Astro Zeneca and he had fatigue, chills and a fever. Lasted about 36 hours, getting better every hour till it was gone. His parents got no side effects.

    2. They really shouldn’t open up yet. And just because they get the shot, doesn’t mean they cant get the virus and spread it. Yes, depending on which shot it can be just a 5% chance or as with the J&J shot, maybe up to 30%. And while it will make the person who was vaccinated maybe not have any symptoms or not be as sick, that doesn’t mean they wont give it to someone who will. Its just common sense and its the right thing to do to just stay home till Italy is more fully vaccinated. I want to get there as much as the next person, but we are still staying home. We are talking about visiting my daughter and her family in Connecticut this summer. We will have all been fully vaccinated by then (they get their second shot next week I believe). I haven’t seen the grand kids in a year and a half.

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