Wishes of the season…

However we all celebrate the season, it matters not. It is time to pause, and assess, and give thanks. Time to be with family and friends, if not in person, then in your heart. And to remember those less fortunate than we are. I am not religious, but I celebrate the spirit of Christmas. So, may I say, Merry Christmas to us all and bless us all…every one!

20 thoughts on “Wishes of the season…

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Beth, Mele Kalikimaka! (Had to look up the spelling!) if I hear of any apartments I’ll let you know. They are few and far between though.

  2. Beth Greenhill

    Cheers Nancy and Luther from balmy Honolulu. I still fantasize over your apt that you just sold. Would have LOVED that place! Let me know if you find any furnished rentals in your area for long term tenancy. Aloha, Beth

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Liz and Mark, happy Christmas and I hope the new year is kinder to us all. We’d love to see you next year!

  4. liz kessell

    Hmmm…toasty warm there. Blow some of the heat over here to Canada. We wish that you and Luther and the boyz have a wonderful and adventure filled 2023 and that the move goes smoothly. We hope to see you sometime in 2023 (preferably when the weather is on the coolish side) Liz and Mark

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, I have been following all the news about the storm. Amazing. I am sorry you had that happen but I hope all is well now 🤞

  6. Matthew Daub

    Thanks, Nancy, and Happy Holidays to you and Luther! Our Christmas gift this morning is power coming back on after a major wind storm on Friday. 8 degrees F outside and the house is heating very slowly. All fingers crossed the boiler wasn’t damaged in the outage. Buon Natale, I think! Special thanks for your wonderful gift of sharing your life with us.

  7. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi John, thanks! We did find a mover. I guess I can’t complain. The movers here are pretty incredible. Some of my furniture won’t go down the stairs so it will have to go out a window into the main piazza on one of those elevator platforms. Merry christmas

  8. John PALMROTH

    Nancy, and A Buon Natale to you all and a Bountiful New Year 2023! May you find a home-mover that doesn’t want your left arm and right leg! John

  9. Carlo

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both you and Luther! Best wishes to you, your families, and friends throughout the season and the new year from us here in cold Colorado!

  10. Dotti Harr

    🫶🏽 Buon Natale a te e Luther! 🎄da Dotti in St. Louis, MO negli Stati Uniti! I enjoy your life tales of Italy!

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