Beautiful sunset

Friday morning…such a pretty day. My poor flowers have been beaten about face by the relentless rain we’ve been having. During our lockdown, everyday was perfect. Dry and warm and sunny. Soon as they let us out, the heavens opened. I’m hoping things will dry out so the flowers can recover.

The weekend looks to be nice. Saturday, of course, is our local mercato. And Sunday is our anniversary. I remember last year which was our 50th. This year, it’s just us and I think we are having Pranzo at San Giorgio. 

Last night we had a beautiful sunset. Check it out!

This was an interesting comparison. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…and don’t say it’s because of more testing… that is an overused convenient excuse.

I’m sorry for the loss of all the good work the US did by locking down. Of course there were some states that didn’t do that… I still really don’t  want anyone coming to Italy to ruin all the hard work we did. That includes the potential  U.K visitors. They also don’t have this under control. Two travelers from the U.K. to New Zealand tested positive there. And New Zealand was virus free.😢

I know the Italians really DO want the tourists back. Friends of ours in Florence said they went to a restaurant and the proprietor heard them speaking English. He got very excited to have American tourists back! Sorry, they had to tell him, they lived there. So the Italians want the Americans back…they’ve just got to get that pandemic thing under control.

Stay safe everyone! 🌈 

6 thoughts on “Beautiful sunset

  1. Carlo

    P. P. S., of course, we also have to observe that the millions gathering to protest police violence and systemic racial bias feel they haven’t much more to lose and are compelled to act at this moment of opportunity despite the increased health risk.

  2. Carli

    P.S., the sad thing, as my wife is quick to point out, is how many innocent bystanders will be taken out as a result?

  3. Carlo

    Oh no, I understand. I just want your readers to know that some of us (however few!) do get it! You know, it’s all “survival of the fittest.” Those organisms that do stupid things are going to die and be unable to procreate. In this case, that’s a good thing!!!

  4. Carlo

    A great many of us US residents are very serious about doing our part to contain the virus that causes COVID-19. My wife and I have been working from home since March 12th. We have been limiting our essential errands to once or twice a week, and we are not at all eager to travel anywhere except in our own vehicles in the general vicinity. We wear masks and latex gloves in all public venues. Our neighbors have been doing the same, as have been my colleagues at work, at least, the ones I know well enough to have discussed it. What you see on TV and in the news does not reflect all of us US residents.

  5. Carlo

    I’m afraid it’s not going to be truly under permanent control anywhere until a viable vaccine has been in place for long enough that a majority of people have been successfully vaccinated for several months. That’s likely at least 18 to 24 months away at best.

  6. liz kessell

    We live in Canada and we won’t let the Americans in. When they sneak in there is a big uproar. Canada is just getting the numbers down, so we really do not want Americans here, as their numbers are going up. I do look forward to travelling to Europe as soon as possible. Be well.

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